Recommended Sequence B.A. in Economics

The following is a recommended course-sequencing schedule only. Because of the size of the department, many of the courses are offered on an alternating schedule. Courses may not be offered every semester. Please see your adviser to develop a schedule that fits your academic circumstances.

Freshman Year

  • ECON 203: Intro to Economics: Macroeconomics—3 cr.
  • ECON 205: Intro to Economics: Microeconomics—3 cr.
  • MATH 124: College Algebra—4 cr.
  • Liberal Arts Core—20 cr.

Sophomore Year

  • ECON 303: Intermediate Macroeconomics—3 cr.
  • ECON 305: Intermediate Microeconomics—3 cr.
  • MATH 176: Topics in Calculus—3 cr.
  • Free Elective Courses—2 cr.
  • ECON Electives—6 cr.
  • Liberal Arts Core—13 cr.

Junior Year

  • ECON 350: Application of Mathematics to Economics—3 cr.
  • ECON Electives—9 cr.
  • STAT 150: Intro to Statistical Analysis


  • BACS 291: Business Statistics I —3 cr.
  • Free Elective Courses—15 cr.

Senior Year

  • ECON 475: Contemporary Economic Problems—3 cr.
  • ECON 452: Econometrics—3 cr.
  • ECON Elective—3 cr.
  • Free Elective Courses—21 cr.

For More Information

Questions? Feel free to take them to your adviser or to the department chair.