Frequently Asked Questions

I just found out I have to attend a hearing in the Dean of Students office. What should I expect?

See the Conduct Process Page.

What happens if I don’t show up for my hearing?

Attending your hearing is an opportunity for you to share your experience and perspective regarding the incident. If you choose not to attend, a decision may be made in your absence based on the information available to us.

I received a citation off campus and am going through the court. Why does the school need to be involved?

By choosing to be a member of the University Community, you agree to uphold the code of conduct on and off campus. Our conduct process is separate from court proceedings and is educational, meaning our sanctions are often different than those assigned in court.

Are my parents going to find out?

If you have been found responsible for violating the alcohol or drug policy within the student code of conduct and are under the age of 21, we will send a letter to your parent or guardian informing them that you were found responsible for violating UNC’s alcohol or drug policy.

Will I be suspended?

Most students found responsible for violating the code of conduct are not suspended; however, suspension is most likely to result from behavior that is severe, recurrent, and/or threatening to the safety of our community.

What happens if I don’t complete my sanctions?

If you choose not to complete your sanctions, a hold may be placed on your account preventing you from registering and/or accessing your transcript. Additionally, you could be found responsible for failing to comply with directions of University officials. If you have questions regarding your sanctions, contact our office.

How long will this be on my record? 

The University is required by law to retain discipline records for a minimum of seven years.

Will this experience impact my admission into a graduate program?

It depends on the policy of the particular program or institution to which you are applying. Often colleges and universities will request written consent to receive discipline records; however, our office may, in accordance with FERPA, provide discipline records without written consent to institutions where students seek or intend to enroll.

Can my parent/guardian come with me to my hearing?

You are allowed to bring one advisor to hearings. An advisor could be a parent, guardian, attorney, friend, mentor, or another individual. While we welcome advisors as support for students, they are not permitted to speak on behalf of the student.

What can I do if I disagree with the decision made at my hearing?

See the code of conduct appeals section.


If you have additional questions, please contact our office at 970.351.2824.

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