Our Conduct Process: What to Expect

  1. The Dean of Students Office receives information from several sources including local and university law enforcement agencies, UNC community members, other universities and colleges, and additional individuals or agencies. The office reviews this information and determines whether or not the reported behavior may violate the Student Code of Conduct. If the information is received from a law enforcement agency, students may contact that agency to receive a copy of the incident report.
  2. If the alleged behavior violates the Student Code of Conduct, the student will receive a hearing notice letter. This letter outlines the alleged behavior and community standard that was violated, and states the date and time of hearing scheduled to discuss the alleged behavior, when applicable.
  3. The hearing is an informal meeting with a hearing officer, which occurs in the Dean of Students Office. The student and hearing officer address the alleged behavior, review information, and share perspectives about what happened. The conversation often centers around identifying harm that occurred to self and/or others as a result of the behavior and how that harm may be repaired.
  4. A hearing results letter will be sent via mail or email to the student outlining whether or not the student was found responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct. This letter also provides an explanation of any sanctions given as a result of the behavior, the due date for completing sanctions, and potential consequences for failing to complete sanctions. For a list of common sanctions given, see the Sanctions page.
  5. If you disagree with the decision(s) and/or sanction(s) based on the following rationales, you may submit a written appeal. For more detailed information regarding the appeal process, see the code of conduct.