Student Attendance

Regular attendance in all classes is assumed and encouraged. Each instructor determines the relationship between class attendance, the objectives of the class and the student's grade. The instructor is responsible for informing students of attendance policies and the effect of attendance on their grade. The student is responsible for knowing the policy of each course in which he or she enrolls.

Only the instructor can approve a student request to be absent from class. The student is responsible for requesting such approval when absence is unavoidable.

Students involved in University-sponsored activities, including intercollegiate athletics, may need to be excused from a class, lab, or studio meeting. In all instances it is the student's responsibility to present a written request for permission for the absence from the instructor and to discuss how the absence will affect their ability to meet the course requirements. Students should do this as soon in the semester as possible. While instructors should seek to the greatest extent possible, consistent with course requirements, to make reasonable accommodations for a student involved in University-sponsored activities, student should recognize that not every course can accommodate absences and neither the absence nor the notification of an absence relieves them from meeting the course requirements.

In recognition of the diversity of the student body, the University provides that a student may request an excused absence from class for participation in religious observances. In all such instances, it is the student's responsibility to request in writing that the instructor excuse the absence and to discuss how the absence will affect the student's ability to meet the course requirements. A student should make any such requests before the course drop deadline for the semester.

Attendance during the first two class sessions is required. The instructor has the option to drop a student from class if he or she does not attend the first two hours during which the class meets, in order to allow other students to enroll. Not all instructors will exercise this option; therefore, a student should not assume that non-attendance will automatically drop him or her from class.

If an emergency arises and a student cannot contact the professor directly, the student’s family may contact the Dean of Student’s office for assistance in contacting professors.