Online BA: Program Synopsis

  • The ASLEI program is built as an integrated curriculum with pre-requisites on the majority of courses.
  • 120 credit hour program 
    40 semester credits for UNC Liberal Arts Core requirements 
    62 semester credits in the Interpreting Major (INTR courses)
    18 semester credits in an Emphasis area (INTR courses) of Community Interpreting, Educational Interpreting or Legal Interpreting.
  • An online orientation class is required of all new UNC-DO IT Center student.
  • A grade of 'B' or better is required in each class in the major.
  • Once you have matriculated (been accepted) into the program, you will take between 6-9 credits in the major each semester - Fall, Spring, and Summer. As well, liberal arts core courses will need to be completed to fulfill the degree requirements (see recommended 4 year plan). Where you are placed in the program, as well as what courses are transferred into the UNC system, will impact the number of credits you take each semester.
  • For the online program, three-quarters of the major and emphasis area coursework is online. However, the one month summer semester (about 27% of the program) is "on ground", currently hosted on the UNC home campus in Greeley, CO.
  • Online degree program courses are structured with specific assignment due dates that are offered sequentially with pre-requisites. This program is not designed as an independent study since much of the learning occurs in the asynchronous interactions with other students and staff members from around the nation. However, you will be given the due dates in advance so you can schedule your time accordingly. What time of day you do your coursework and required discussions is up to you as long as that work is posted or submitted by the assignment due dates.
    Click for an online course demo:Online course demo
  • A portfolio assessment is the overarching evaluation tool of the degree program. There will be benchmarks throughout the four-year program that will ensure you are prepared to successfully exit the program. Assessments will happen in various formats throughout the program, including the exit point, so that you will be ready to confidently approach a professional certification system within 6-12 months of graduation.

As academic requirements are met, you will request a degree audit to make sure everything has been successfully accomplished. When that is confirmed, you will have the opportunity to participate in the UNC undergraduate commencement ceremony and celebrate your graduation with other UNC students, as well as your family and friends. Your diploma will be conferred via standard UNC processes/systems. You will be a UNC graduate!

Instructional Staff
One of the benefits of a distance learning program is that instructional staff members do not need to be in one office. Therefore, the program can select teachers, both deaf and hearing, from throughout North America. This exposes you, as a student, to some of the best and brightest the field has to offer. It also ensures that you have opportunities to work with more than one or two professors. Click here to meet the instructors.



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Online with required onsite summer sessions

$395/credit hour

Summer or Fall

Program Coordinator:
Susan Brown