Onsite BA: ASL-English Interpretation - Transfer Students

The UNC ASLEI BA program is designed as entry to practice. However,
if you have previous college credits to transfer into the UNC system the following applies:

  • It is important to understand that coursework already completed at a previous college or university will need to “fit” in the design of this curriculum. For example, the UNC ASL-English Interpretation program does not have courses in deaf culture/community or Manually Coded English systems, and our internship experiences are at a 400- not a 200- level. Such issues are a challenge when transferring existing coursework to any university. Given this reality, it is unlikely that everything you have previously taken will be able to transfer into the curriculum requirements of the program.
  • No student is allowed to begin beyond the 3rd semester of the sophomore year, though individuals who can demonstrate mastery of upper division competencies can, with faculty advisement, challenge specific courses.
  • Transfer classification requires 13 or more college credits with a minimum of a 2.4 GPA.
  • Official transcripts are reviewed by both UNC Admissions and UNC-DO IT Center BA program staff. UNC admissions office will review your transcripts for liberal arts core coursework, e.g., English, Math, Science, and transfer evaluation will be sent to you.  The Center’s review of your transcript will specifically target ASL and interpreting credit on transcript.
  • Transfer students are advised on placement in the 120 credit hour program following a transcript review and demonstration of ASL competency.
  • Where you are in program, as well as what you transfer into the program will impact the number of credits you take each semester.
  • For more information on transferring to UNC, visit: TRANSFERRING TO UNC
    Transfer Students with laptop