ASL- English Interpretation Program

UNC-DO IT Center OSEP Scholarship: Educational Interpreting Emphasis

The University of Northern Colorado - DO IT Center
is the recipient of a 2010-2014 grant award from the
U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs

The University of Northern Colorado, Distance Opportunities for Interpreter Training Center, was awarded a 4-year grant (2010-2014) from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs to establish the Professional Educational Interpreter Project (#H325K100234A).

This grant-funded project will sponsor 28 students who are prepared to:

  1. Begin with 300-level courses
  2. Select educational interpreting as their emphasis area
  3. Provide a 4-year service obligation in exchange for the OSEP sponsorship

Through a competitive process, up to 28 students will be selected for a $20,000 for a scholarship, summer housing waiver, and the expense of a national exam upon graduation.

Application for the OSEP sponsorship is included in the ASLEI Application Packet. Be sure to use the download option in order to save it to your computer!

If the student does not complete the bachelor's degree within the two years of sponsorship, or does not provide four years of service to an IDEA-eligible student, he or she must repay all the OSEP monies expended on his or her education. For more information on the service obligation/pay-back requirements, read the following federal guidelines carefully.

The application to apply for the OSEP scholarship is incorporated into the ASLEI application.