Anita Fleming-Rife

Anita Fleming-RifeAnita Fleming-Rife, the Special Assistant to the President on Diversity and Equity, is an alumna of the University of Northern Colorad.  She received a B.A. (1979) in communications and a M.A. (1990) in journalism.  Her Ph.D. (1997  ) in journalism is from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. 

She brings a diverse range of experiences to this position.  At the international level, she has served as the project manager of the public opinion polling program in the Department of Public Information at the United Nations Secretariat.  She also served as the United Nations Operation in Somalia (UNOSOM II) public information officer in Mogadishu. 

The President of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) selected Fleming-Rife to serve on its inaugural Gender, Race, Ethnic, Diversity Assessment (GREDA) Committee.  That committee morphed into the Equity and Diversity Award (EDA) Committee—a committee which Fleming-Rife chaired 2009-2010.

At Penn State University, Fleming-Rife was selected by the university president to serve on the Commission for Racial and Ethnic Diversity—a four-year term, and she went on to serve on the Taskforce to assess the University’s Framework to Foster Diversity.  She also served on the College of Communication’s Diversity Committee.

Fleming-Rife returned to her alma mater to teach from 1995-1998 and then again 2008-2010.  While back, she has served on the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Diversity Committee.  She continues to serve on the Board of Directors of the East Africa Community Center.

Other diversity experiences include:

  • Participated in the inaugural World Journalism Educators Congress (WJEC) in Singapore in 2007.
  • Established linkages with mass communication programs in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Chaired the Pennsylvania delegation to the National Summit on Africa in Washington, DC in 2000.

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