What Are Dining Dollars?

Note: Dining Dollars carry over from Fall to Spring but expire at the end of Spring semester.

Dining Dollars allow students to purchase food and beverage items at campus retail food locations using their UNC Card. Students who carry an On Campus Meal Plan will automatically receive Bonus Meals and Dining Dollars (except the 10 Meals Per Week meal plan). Any UNC student can purchase Dining Dollars in increments of $25. (Parents, you can add Dining Dollars to your student's account with a credit card!) Dining Dollars carry forward from Fall to Spring, but they expire the last day of Finals week in Spring.

Dining Dollars are added to the student’s account and applied to their University bill, just like meal plans. At this time, students can sign up for Dining Dollars at the Dining Services Office, at the UNC Card Office in the University Center, or with our online dining contract.

Campus Retail Food Locations

  • Einstein Bros® Bagels at the University Center
  • Subway® at the University Center
  • Sushi with Gusto® at the University Center
  • Bears Mo'Jo Coffee Co. at the University Center
  • Munchy Mart at the University Center
  • Bears Bistro at the University Center
  • Coffee Corner at Kepner Hall
  • Coffee Corners at Michener Library
  • Coffee Corners at Turner Hall
  • Select vending machines across campus

Why Should Students Use Dining Dollars?

  • Convenience
    • Students already carry UNC Cards (to get into their residence halls, to check out books from the library, to gain access into the Campus Rec Center, etc), so there is no need to carry extra cash!
    • Dining Dollars can be purchased throughout the semester, so students never have to run out!!
  • Added Value
    • Purchase most foods and beverages with NO SALES TAX ADDED! What a deal!
  • Safety
    • If students lose their UNC Card, the Dining Dollars account can be immediately deactivated by contacting the Dining Services Office at 970-351-2652.

Terms and Conditions

Dining Dollars carry over from Fall to Spring but expire at the end of Spring semester. Sorry, Dining Dollars are not accepted in the Dining Rooms... they are only accepted in our Retail Dining locations at this time.

Deposits made to the Dining Dollars account are not refundable for cash. This is not a bank account. Dining Dollars funds may be used instead of cash at the locations listed in this brochure. Account information is considered confidential and is only available to the account holder. Dining Dollars are not intended to replace a meal plan or to provide a refund for any meal plan meals missed. Dining Dollars are non-transferable, saleable, or refundable. If the meal plan is cancelled, you will be charged for all dining dollars used. Dining Dollars cannot be used to pay tuition, student fees, or class charges. Dining Dollars cannot be used to purchase merchandise. Dining Dollar balances left at the end of Spring semester expire and will not carry over or be refunded.

Deadlines To Remember

The deadline to change/cancel your meal contract (includes On Campus Meal Plans, Off Campus Bear Plans, and Dining Dollars) is 5pm on the University published add/drop deadline:

  • Fall 2017: Friday, September 1
  • Spring 2018: Monday, January 22


Guest Meal Prices

Have a visitor who wants to eat in the dining rooms with you?You can...

Need more information? Email Dining Services or call us at 970-351-2652.