Off Campus Bear Plans

With all the meal plan options available, choose a plan that meets your needs.

When choosing your meal plan, keep in mind when and where your classes are. Also consider your current eating habits – do you skip meals, do you prefer “three squares a day,” are you on a special diet, etc. Also realize your dining habits may change during the course of the year. Please remember that all meal plans are good for one semester only.

Bear Plans are only available to students who live:

  • in Lawrenson Hall (upperclassmen only)
  • at Arlington Park Apartments
  • off campus

The following prices are good for Fall 2017, Spring 2018, and Summer 2018.

Off Campus Bear Plans

Bear Plans Average Meals Per Week * Price Per Semester
160 Bear Plan 10 $1,720
120 Bear Plan 7-8 $1,301
80 Bear Plan 5 $875
50 Bear Plan 3 $556
25 Bear Plan 1-2 $280
10 Bear Plan <1 $115

*Note: Averages are based on a 16-week semester.

Miscellaneous Notes

You can choose the meal, how often you eat, and where you eat in any of the three dining facilities (Tobey-Kendel, Holmes, Bears Bistro, or the University Center Food Court). Your guest(s) may be admitted with you through the use of additional swipes with your Bear Plan, but you must be there to swipe them in. Meals are ONLY valid for the semester the plan is purchased. They DO NOT carry forward from Fall to Spring.There are NO monetary refunds for uneaten meals.

How Do Students Sign Up?

Eligible students can choose to sign up for an Off Campus Bear Plan in person at the UC Card Office, any dining room (during the school year), or the Dining Services Office located in Tobey-Kendel Hall, room 120... or students can use our online dining contract.

How Do The Meal Plans Work?

Meal plans are pretty easy to understand once you know a few basics...

  • Students receive a specific amount of meals to use each semester... and it's up to them to "budget" their meals. Students are welcome to add more meals on to their account at any time if they run out of meals... they need to remember that meals do not carry forward from Fall to Spring like Dining Dollars do.
  • Just like with an On Campus Meal Plan, it's completely up to each student to decide how to use their meal plan - however it works best for them. For example, if a student wanted to go to lunch at 11am and have a salad and a glass of milk... and then go back at 1pm for a sandwich and bowl of ice cream, that's OK with us. Most students don't do that, but it is possible.
  • Students can change their mind (and their meal plans) up through the University published Drop Deadline (10th day of class). Click here to see the specific dates listed below. All contract changes must be done by the student (the contract holder) by the deadlines listed below.
  • Meal plans (both On Campus and Off Campus plans) are good for one semester only. Dining Dollars are different... they carry forward from Fall to Spring.
  • Based on a 16-week semester, there are around 300 meals served throughout the semester... but that can vary depending on the exact number of days in each semester.

Use your Off Campus Bear Plan at any of these locations:

  • Holmes Dining Hall
    • Gourmet To Go
    • Bear On The Run
  • Tobey-Kendel Dining Room
    • Gourmet To Go
    • Bear On The Run
  • University Center Food Court
  • Bears Bistro (around the corner from the UC Food Court)

On Campus Meal Plan options

Don't Forget To Add Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars allow students to purchase food and beverage items at campus retail food locations using their UNC Card. Students who carry an On Campus Meal Plan will automatically receive Bonus Meals and Dining Dollars (except the 10 Meals Per Week meal plan). Any UNC student can purchase Dining Dollars in increments of $25. (Parents, you can add Dining Dollars to your student's account with a credit card here!) Dining Dollars carry forward from Fall to Spring, but they expire the last day of Finals week in Spring.