Eating at Holmes

Close your eyes and imagine your favorite restaurant. Now think about eating there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... every day for about four years. That is the situation students face here at the University of Northern Colorado Dining Services. We realize the only way to keep customers happy is to vary our menus and offer as wide a selection of food as possible.

The menus for each specific location are cycled through every four weeks. To further increase the selection, the dining rooms have a salad bar, dessert bar, deli bar, and several varieties of cereal which are available during each meal. Click here to see your Gourmet To Go Options.

Weekly menus are available by clicking on the links at the top of this page.

Did You Know?!

  • For Daily Menus, call the FoodLine at (970) 351-FOOD.
  • IMPORTANT ALLERGY DISCLAIMER: UNC Dining Services serves and uses the following products in meal preparation: soy, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, dairy, shellfish, and products containing gluten. For allergy concerns, please contact the unit manager or Dining Services at (970) 351-2652.
  • The items listed on the menus are only a small representation of what is served on a weekly basis. There are many more items we do not have room to list on the menus... including additional entrees and side dishes, a salad bar with numerous toppings, a deli bar with homemade sub rolls, a cereal bar with a wide variety of choices, and at Tobey-Kendel and Holmes there is soft-serve ice cream! Remember, the menu is subject to change due to product availability!
  • We are often asked about the quality of food served in the dining rooms here in Dining Services. We pride ourselves on purchasing only the best brand name foods!

Questions? Call (970) 351-2652 or email Dining Services.