Retail Dining Locations

Vending On Campus

We have added 15 MORE new vending machines that now accept Dining Dollars and the Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction program! We're very excited to be able to offer this new feature to both Students and Faculty/Staff.

NEW Pepsi Machine Locations:

The following locations have at least one Pepsi machine that now accepts Dining Dollars:

  • West Campus
    • Campus Rec Center
    • Candelaria Hall
    • McKee Hall
    • Michener Library
  • West Campus Residence HallsVending at the University Center
    • Harrison Hall
    • Lawrenson Hall
    • New North Hall
    • New South Hall
    • Turner Hall
  • University Center
    • vending alcove across from the computer lab
  • Central Campus
    • Carter Hall
  • Central Campus Residence Halls
    • Wiebking Hall
    • Wilson Hall

We're very excited about this new option... so we'll be adding more of these machines around campus very soon!

Campus Vending Services

Vending services provides students, faculty and staff the ability to purchase snacks, coffee, soda, and other items at convenient locations on campus.

The University, by contract, allows authorized vendors to install vending machines providing food, beverages, and other items at convenient sites in residential halls, classroom areas, and administrative buildings. The food and beverage machines are located in groups to provide customers a better selection of products and ease of stocking and service.

Having problems?

All routine service problems should be reported to the Dining Services Main Office at 970-351-2652 or emailed to us at  Complicated or repeated problems should be referred to the department as soon as possible. Vandalism of machines should be reported immediately to the UNC Police Department at 970-351-2245.

Vending Machine Refunds

If you need to be refunded for money lost in a vending machine, please go to one of the following locations:

  • West Campus
    • Michener Library, Reference Desk
    • University Center, Information Desk
  • Central Campus
    • Carter Hall, Cashier's Window

In most locations, you will be given a refund right then and there. Other locations will ask you to fill out a small form, and you will be alerted when the Vending Representative has come around to refund the money. If this is the process, you should get your refund within 1-2 weeks.