Living on campus in one of the Residence Halls? If so, you are automatically assigned the 19 Meals Per Week + 15 Bonus Meals + 150 Dining Dollars unless you have chosen a different plan in your housing contract. Living off campus or can't decide which meal plans to choose? Learn more about choosing the right meal plan for you.

feedback Please remember, submitting a "blank" contract does not mean you requesting to cancel your meal plan. If you are eligible and would like to cancel your meal plan or Dining Dollars, please email Dining Services.

UNC Student

I am a UNC student and would like to submit a new dining contract to purchase a Meal Plan / Bonus Meals / Dining Dollars or change my current Meal Plan.


Important Info

  • This contract should be filled out by the student only.
  • You must be registered for classes to use this contract.
  • Changes must be made by the Drop Deadline each semester.
  • Charges go directly to your student account.
  • All meal plans expire at the end of each semester. Meals DO NOT carry forward to the next semester.
  • Dining dollars will carry forward from Fall to Spring but expire at the end of the Spring semester. Summer Dining Dollars are good for the summer session only.
  • Summer meal contracts (including Dining Dollars) are good for the summer only and do not carry forward to Fall.

Parent of UNC Student

I am a Parent/Grandparent/Friend of a UNC student and would like to purchase Dining Dollars for them using a credit card.


Important Info

  • Credit card information must be provided for payment.
  • You must have your student's Bear Number and birth date to use the online dining contract.

Deadlines to Remember

The deadline to change or cancel your meal contract (includes On Campus Meal Plans, Off Campus Bear Plans, and Dining Dollars) is 5pm on the University published Drop Deadline:

  • Fall 2017: Friday, September 1st
  • Spring 2018: Monday, January 22nd