The Evolution of Dining Services

McCowen Dining Room History

McCowen Residence Hall and dining room was built in 1963. The residence halls were set up to include one floor for women and one floor for men. The grounds on which it is built was used by students for all kinds of activities such as volleyball, football, softball, sun tanning, etc.

McCowen was the first residence hall on West Campus. Back in the 60’s, everyone came into the dining room at one time and was served family style. The meal consisted of one serving of protein, one starch, two vegetables, a salad, beverage, and dessert. McCowen Dining Room was the first dining unit on campus that started serving lines in lieu of the sit down, family style dinner. It continues today as a Gourmet-to-Go station and was used exclusively as the dining unit for summer conferences such as the Denver Broncos Summer Training Camp.