The Evolution of Dining Services

Arnie’s Snack Shop History

The legacy of Arnie’s began in the fall of 1985, when the first pizza was sold in McCowen Hall under the direction of Charles Wilson and Arnold Waddel. In fact, the name Arnie’s came from its first manager, Arnold Waddel.

In 1986, a new student management team took over Arnie’s. From that point on, Arnie’s ingredients and recipes were standardized to develop our campus-wide popular menu. Arnie’s signature menu items include calzones, pizzas, and bread sticks. Also in 1986, Arnie’s not only delivered to West Campus but to Central Campus, as well.

In 1987, Arnie’s began the charge system for McCowen residents only. By Fall of 1988, Arnie’s expanded its charge system to all students living on campus. Spring Semester 1993, Arnie’s opened a new location on Central Campus for delivery only.

By 1996, Arnie’s established itself as an in-house pizza brand and was introduced at the University Center food court. The delivery and charge programs were dropped in the same year in favor of promoting Arnie’s new location at the University Center.

Arnie’s is a progressive establishment with a strong student team behind it. Since 1986, Arnie’s has been “run by students for students.” Its mission is to create a dynamic atmosphere focusing on student programming and quality food for the University of Northern Colorado students and staff.