Dining Services ~ A Guide To Student Employment

Injury & Emergency Procedures on the Job

You should always be prepared in case something were to happen. It is good to know what to do, who to call, and how to react if someone is injured or there is an emergency situation.

Important Phone Numbers

Greeley Police, Fire, and Ambulance (Emergency Only) 911

University of Northern Colorado Campus Police 351-2245

Know When to Call:

  • 911 is for true emergencies when every second counts.
  • To save a life or severe injury
  • To report a fire
  • To stop a crime
  • Tips for Calling 911


  • Call as soon as possible from a safe location
  • Give exact location and type of emergency
  • Don’t hang up until emergency operator says to
  • Do not call 911 to ask about weather emergencies

If someone is hurt whether it is an employee or customer, check quickly to determine the severity of the injury. The first thing to do is inform your manager. If it is indeed an emergency, your manager will be responsible for making the decision for calling 911.

If the situation does not warrant an emergency response, continue to assist the person until UNC PD is on the scene. To assist the authorities, find out what happened, where they are hurt (one can be injured and not have it be an emergency).

Other emergencies that might occur could be the breakout of a fire, most likely in the kitchen or cooking areas. If the fire does not immediately come under control with the use of a fire extinguisher, immediately have your manager make the decision to call 911 or the fire department. Your manager may also have you pull the fire alarm. Please make sure you locate all fire alarms and fire extinguishers in the building. In a situation such as a fire, time is of the essence. If the fire alarms goes off (whether it's a real fire or just a fire drill), you need to evacuate the building as fast as possible without creating panic. Once you are outside, take a head-count to make sure all employees are accounted for. Do not use elevators or try to get your personal belongings. Do not panic or rush. Remember, the professionals are on their way.

Incidents of theft, vandalism, or threatening behavior should be reported immediately to the manager on duty. Do not try to become involved in the situation or break up an incident. Do not try to evaluate the situation yourself unless you are actually witnessing a threatening crime. It is the manager's responsibility to make the decision whether or not the authorities need to be called.

Work Related Injuries

When a work related injury occurs to an employee, there is a plan of action that must be followed. Read this section carefully so you will be aware of this process.

Steps to Follow in the Occurrence of an On the Job Injury

  • Notify a Manager on duty.
  • If there is not a manager on duty at the time, call 911 to reach UNC PD. The Campus Police will: determine the severity of the injury, call for an ambulance if needed, and transport the employee if needed.
  • If the injury is not an emergency, send the employee to the Northern Colorado Occupational Medicine (NCOM) located at 1517 16th Ave. Ct., Greeley, Colorado 80631, (970) 392-2170, Monday – Friday 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM.
  • If transportation is needed to transfer the injured party to the emergency room, you may at that time, call UNC PD and they will provide transportation for the employee to 1801 16th St., Greeley, Colorado 80631 (970) 350-6244.
  • Instruct the employee to go to the Human Resources Department at Carter Hall the next business day to complete all the necessary paperwork regarding the injury. Report of injury must be completed within four working days of injury.
  • An incident report must be filled out anytime you are injured on the job. You must fill out a form at your facility that your manager will give to you, as well as forms that you will be given at Human Resources at Carter Hall.
  • Instruct the employee to call their Assistant Manager before their next scheduled shift or the following day, which ever comes first, to speak with their Assistant Manager or Student Supervisor on duty to report the results of the injury and to adjust their schedule if necessary.
  • After treatment, employee must return report of workability to manager.

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