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Training and Student Employee Meetings

Training is a mandatory part of your employment at Dining Services. Upon hire, within the first seven days, you will be scheduled to participate in a one-time orientation. Within your first few weeks of being hired, you will be required to attend basic trainings regarding Safety, Sanitation, and Customer Service, just to name a few. On the job, ongoing training will constantly be provided.

Student employee meetings will be scheduled approximately once a month. These meetings will cover issues pertinent to your employment and are mandatory.

Student Employee Appreciation

Once each semester the dining room that you are employed at will hold a special event just for you, to show you just how important to Dining Services you are. These events take much planning by your management and supervisor staff and are quite spectacular.

Pink Slips

Sometimes situations come up that just can’t be avoided. We do understand this. However, if these situations continue, we will have no choice but to take appropriate action.

Pink slips will be issued if you are sick and don’t find a substitute to cover your shift, even if you call in. The first time you are late, or don’t show up for your shift, no matter the reason, the student supervisor will put a pink slip in to your file. If an additional incident occurs a second time, the student supervisor will again make out a pink slip for your file. At that time, you will meet with the Assistant Manager who may place you on a one-week probation period. Should the incident occur a third time termination will be the result.

Personal Cleanliness

  • Hair must always be clean and combed. Long hair must be pulled back in a tight braid or bun with no loose ends straying. For all positions with the exception of the checker, hair must be restrained with a hat.
  • Facial hair will be kept at all times in a groomed manner; no “five o’clock shadow." A beard net must be worn for all positions excluding the checker.
  • Skin is a number one breeding ground for bacteria. You must bathe daily or more often if the job requires so. Body odor is offensive to co-workers, as well as customers.
  • Gloves are to be worn by anyone coming into contact with food, serving or handling food, or handling clean dishes. Hands must be washed frequently, anytime there is any chance they have come in contact with any contaminants.
  • Fingernails should be trimmed and kept clean. Nail polish or artificial (acrylic) nails are not allowed unless disposable gloves are worn at all times.
  • Uniform shirts MUST always be clean and laundered.
  • Clean aprons must be worn by runners, pizza cooks, and stir-fry cooks only. Aprons are to be changed frequently when they get soiled.
  • Aprons are not required for the following positions: Checker, Gourmet To Go server, and Student Supervisor.
  • Chef jackets must be worn by carvers and are an option for pizza, pasta, and stir-fry cooks.

Always Wash Your Hands after Any of These Activities:

  • Physical contact with infected or unsanitary areas of the skin.
  • Use of a tissue or hanky.
  • Physical contact with unclean equipment or work surfaces, soiled clothing, bar towels, mop heads, etc.
  • Handling raw food, especially meat and poultry.
  • Taking out trash.
  • Handling money.
  • Smoking a cigarette.
  • Handling dirty dishes.
  • Eating.
  • Use of restroom.
  • Touching face, hair, scratching arm, etc.

Cuts and Abrasions

Wounds and open sores should be antiseptically bandaged and the bandage covered with a waterproof protector. If you have cuts on your hands, disposable gloves must be worn at all times.

Smoking, Dipping, or Chewing Gum

  • Use of chewing tobacco or gum is not allowed in the building during your shift.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all buildings owned or leased by the state.
  • Smoking is allowed during your break, only in a designated area for your facility. Wash your hands before returning to work.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Above all other duties, always take care of our guests first! Be sure that both food and service always conform to the highest standards!
  • Always keep your work area neat and clean at all times!
  • Consumption of/or being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is not permitted at any time.
  • During slow times, ask your supervisor how you can help out in other areas.
  • Only on-duty employees are allowed in the service and production areas.
  • If you need help when assisting a guest, immediately contact a member of the management staff on duty (full-time or student) and let them handle the situation.
  • Food may only be consumed in the dining rooms, and then only during authorized meal breaks. No "grazing" or eating food behind the lines will be tolerated.
  • Sitting or standing on counters, tables, carts, and other equipment is prohibited.
  • Employees must get authorization from management before making or receiving any personal calls during work hours, except for emergency calls.

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