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Time Clock and Time Cards

  • Everyone will be assigned a time card. Sign your time card in ink on the back (red) side at the bottom.
  • Be certain to sign your time card in blue or black ink only, no later than the 14th of each month. Your time card must be signed in order for you to receive your paycheck.
  • Do not write, draw, or attach anything permanently to your time card other than your signature.
  • Always check time card calculations.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding time card calculations, check with the Personnel Manager or Lead Supervisor.
  • Have your hair appropriately tied back and/or restrained. Have your hands washed and gloves on, if appropriate, and be at your scheduled position after clocking in at your scheduled time.
  • Clock in 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time and All student employees will clock out for meal breaks and in between shifts if working consecutive shifts.
  • Never clock anyone else in or out, this is grounds for termination.
  • You will clock out before changing clothes, fixing hair, or while waiting for your ride to arrive.
  • A Manager or Student Supervisor must initial your time card in blue or black ink for every shift you work.
  • If you forgot to clock in, talk to your supervisor at the enf of the shift. Have them note the times on a separate sheet as your time cards will be updated weekly.

What time do I start my shift?

Your shift starts 10 minutes prior to the dining room opening for business. The weekly schedule will tell you at what time you are expected to be clocked in. Always go by your scheduled clock-in time, whether you work at the start of a shift or later (i.e. If the weekly schedule says that your shift starts at 6:55 a.m. and you clock in at 7:00 a.m., you are late.).

If you want to eat before your shift, you need to arrive 40 minutes prior to your scheduled time, clocking in after your meal, 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

On Saturday and Sunday Brunch Shifts, if you are an “opener” you will be scheduled at 10:00 AM. When you come in to work you clock in at 10:00 AM, and start working. You will need to get the dish machine filled and ready for operation, start in at Pots and Pans, cleaning the dishes that are accumulating at that position. Additionally make sure the lines that will be used are turned on and filled with water, soap and sanitizer buckets will need to be set up, the beverage stations will need to be set up, and you will need to assist the cooks in getting everything up to the dining room and on the lines, help to set up the salad bar, including icing it down, getting the carving station set up, and any brunch pastry or dessert item as well as bakery item in place. At a time when the student supervisor feels that meal breaks are ready to be given, they will let employees know to go on break.


Once you have been hired by Dining Services, you agree to work your scheduled shifts for the duration of the semester.

A condition of employment in all areas of Dining Services requires your availability to work Finals Week. A special schedule is created for Finals Week to accommodate your class schedule. Study Breaks are additional shifts that are available during Finals Week (from 9:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.). Tobey-Kendel Dining Room and Holmes Dining Hall require you work a minimum of three shifts during Finals Week. Working a Study Break shift is equal to a half of a shift. The University Center Food Court requires you to work a minimum of two shifts during Finals Week. Cash Operations and University Catering may have different requirements for Finals Week due to their fluctuation in events and scheduling.

At Tobey-Kendel and Holmes, you are required to work two weekend shifts per month. Weekends rotate between “A” and “B” weekend. This allows you time to have a full weekend off every other weekend. Student employees are welcome to work all weekend shifts if shifts are available if desired.

If you are scheduled during the closing hours, you are expected to stay until everything is done. If you finish your assignment early, you are expected to help out wherever needed. Employees will occasionally be asked to work longer hours than scheduled to accommodate special events, an unusually heavy workload, or an unexpected situation. Check with your supervisor for approval to clock out and leave.

Because University Catering is scheduled by event rather than set meal times every day of the week, their scheduling policies are different than that of the dining rooms. There are significant differences in dress codes, scheduled times of work, and other policies. Be sure to ask your manager if you are unsure of any policy.

Terms of Employment

All students are hired under a 30-calendar day probation period. During this period, students may be let-go at any time. After the 30-calendar day probation, students are employed on an "as needed" basis. Schedules are subject to change based on operational needs. Dining Services will provide student employees with at least 10 working days notice when eliminating a position.

All students are hired on a semester basis. At the end of each semester, you must re-apply for the following semester.

We enforce the following common sense rules:

  • No eating of food during your shift anywhere in the unit. Only during a break is food to be consumed. Full meals are only to be eaten prior to the beginning of your shift.
  • Employees are not allowed to leave their shift without first checking with a member of management or student supervisor for approval.
  • Rude, unprofessional, or otherwise non-business behavior will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.


The management staff at Dining Services will be happy to provide a letter of recommendation or telephone recommendation for you as you pursue future employment. We do prefer you request permission before using our names as a reference. Please give us two weeks advance notice when requesting a written letter of recommendation.


  • You are scheduled for shifts based upon your class schedule needs. Once you are hired, your schedule remains the same unless you talk with the Assistant Manager and fill out a shift change form. The only times schedules change is during finals week.
  • Always arrive and depart through the employee’s entrance, which is typically near the back dock. Other locations may have separate employee entrances. Please do not arrive or depart through our customer’s front entrance.
  • You are responsible for finding a substitute if you are unable to work your scheduled shift, even if you are ill and unable to work. It is your responsibility to find a substitute for your shift. It is also your responsibility to notify work immediately if you are unable to find a substitute.
  • At any time the need to call in arises, you will need to make two phone calls. One call must be made to the Assistant Manager’s phone, where you will most likely need to leave a message. The second call must be made either to the check stand or kitchen phone to literally speak with the manager on duty. No exceptions to this standard will be accepted. Failure to make two phone calls could adversely affect your employment status.
  • To be excused due to illness, you will need to provide proof of illness by providing a doctor’s note from the Student Health Center or a personal physician. The doctor's note needs to say that you were unable to work and/or attend classes, not merely that you visited the physician.
  • If an emergency occurs or illness that will affect your ability to be on time to work or miss a shift, the courtesy of a phone call a minimum of four hours in advance is appreciated.
  • You are required to work finals week. Failure to work could result in termination. A special schedule will be made that week, as your availability may be different than usual.

Personal Belongings

All personal belongings are to be kept in the designated area in the employee’s restroom during your shift. There are no exceptions to this rule. You may bring in your own lock for the lockers to house your belongings during your shift only. At the end of your shift you must remove the lock and take it with you until your next scheduled shift.

Policy On Food Leaving Any Food Service Establishment:

Leftover food is to be disposed of at all times. Food is never allowed to be taken home by any employee of Dining Services. Violation of this policy is considered theft and will be treated as such. Immediate termination from Dining Services will be the result, along with any charges from UNC PD.

Some student employees come straight to work from class and don’t have time to eat a meal prior to their shift. In these instances, Tobey-Kendel employees will be allowed to take a Gourmet To Go after your shift, in lieu of a hot meal. However, it is imperative that the student supervisor or manager on duty packs your take out meal for you. If an employee packs their own meal, or adds more to the take out than the guidelines that are set by Dining Services, termination will be the result of such action. Any exceptions in eating meals will need to go through your manager on duty.

Break Policy in Board Operations

If an employee is working less than four hours, the student supervisor or manager on duty (at their discretion) may or may not assign a 5-minute break to have a drink (soda, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, juice or water only). No meal may be eaten at this time. A dessert item is exception to this, such as a dish of ice cream, a cookie, or piece of cake.

Drink breaks are not given during rush business hours.

Meal breaks are not given. Meals are to be eaten on your own time, 40 minutes prior to the beginning of your scheduled shift.

If you are scheduled to work two consecutive shifts, you must punch out in between shifts, at that time a meal may be eaten and either deducted from your paycheck or your Student ID swiped for a meal plan deduction.

If an employee works four or more consecutive hours, they must take a half-hour meal break, and must punch out on the time clock. If you do not eat, you will still be charged for a meal.

University Aide’s will have their meals deducted from their paycheck once a month throughout the period of their temporary position.

Westaff temporary employees do not punch out for breaks, nor have meals deducted from their paycheck. Westaff employees will have their meal break times, at a half an hour each, and their meals, at a half an hour each, deducted from their time cards on a weekly basis.

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