Dining Services ~ A Guide To Student Employment

Welcome To UNC Dining Services! We Feed The Bears!!

We are pleased to have you as a member of our staff! These guidelines were designed as your basic introduction to UNC Dining Services. As a student employee of Dining Services, you are responsible for knowing and understanding these guidelines and how this information relates to you as an important member of our team. Please read through these guidelines thoroughly, as it contains pertinent information that will assist you in understanding and carrying out your job responsibilities.

These guidelines have been compiled in an effort to ensure your understanding of job standards, policies, and procedures within Dining Services at UNC, along with having experiences here that are positive as well as educational for your future. Although we recognize the unique nature of each position, the principles stated are universal throughout Dining Services. Your Assistant Manager will provide you with the information specific to your job duties, as well as providing on the job training, for all positions that you will be asked to work.

To be a successful, long-term team member with Dining Services, you are expected to perform each work assignment with Customer Service as your primary responsibility. Your actions should clearly exhibit excellent service, hospitality, congeniality, and knowledge of the position you are currently working. Your appearance should also clearly make a statement of cleanliness and professionalism. Student employees are a vital part of our operation. Your positive demeanor, enthusiasm, ideas, and suggestions are necessary for Dining Services to maintain high quality experiences for our guests.

Dining Services is a self-supporting department on the University of Northern campus. Our income is not generated through student fees, but from meal plan sales and guests/visitors. We receive no federal or state funds.

As Dining Services employees, we pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity, and high levels of customer satisfaction. Each and every position is unique and important to the success of Dining Services. Our success is measured by the sum of our parts; no area stands alone. If you have questions regarding policies and procedures, the management staff is always available to help.

We welcome you to UNC Dining Services!

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