Dining Services ~ A Guide To Student Employment

Dress Code for Student Secretaries

Dining Room Student Secretaries must always be prepared to walk into a meeting or other office and be professionally dressed. It is important to remember you are representing the Dining Services department in a professional manner.

  • Casual business attire is required at all times, which includes but is not limited to: business suits, career attire, dress pants, shirts with necktie.
  • Blouses and shirts must have sleeves. No tank tops or sleeveless tops.
  • Dress hem shall not exceed five inches above knee length. No mini skirts or baby doll dresses.
  • Athletic pants, sweatpants, leggings, leotards, spandex, or tights in replacement of pants are not allowed.
  • Short pants of ANY length or style will not be allowed, including “Capri-Style” pants. Your legs are to be covered completely at all times.
  • Jeans may be worn only be worn on Friday as long as they are clean, free of holes, stains, are of proper length, and do not “sag.” Approval of Friday casual dress attire depends on schedule of events; i.e. assisting at Dining Services office, meetings that may occur, etc.
  • Shoes shall be closed-toed and closed-heeled, no sandals or thongs will be tolerated at any time.
  • Socks with close-toed close-heeled shoes are mandatory at all times.
  • Excessive perfume, cologne, makeup and jewelry are not allowed.

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