Dining Services ~ A Guide To Student Employment

Basic Standards of Dress Code in All Areas

At Dining Services we stress the importance of presenting an appearance of cleanliness, as well as pride for the work we are doing here. We want to be sure to present a professional appearance that is not offensive to the customers who patronize our establishment.


Managers or their student supervisors have the authority at any time to make the final decision on appropriate dress, grooming, and accessories that are not considered an acceptable, professional appearance of a student employee. If it is determined an employee’s appearance is unacceptable, the employee will be clocked out, made aware of the concerns and sent home. A pink slip will be put in to the employee’s file. Continued failure to comply with the dress code and grooming requirements may result in termination.

The new Second Edition Serve Safe Essentials HACCP Certification book (published by the National Restaurant Association) Page 4-7 reads as Follows: "Remove jewelry prior to preparing or serving food or while working around food-preparation areas. Jewelry can harbor microorganisms, can tempt food handlers to touch it, and may pose as a safety hazard around equipment. Remove rings (except for a plain band), bracelets (including medical information jewelry), watches, earrings, necklaces, and facial jewelry (such as nose rings, etc.)"


  • Fingernail polish or acrylic nails are not allowed unless disposable gloves are worn at all times.
  • Facial piercings or facial tattoo art will be allowed in the dishroom positions only.
  • No excessive makeup will be allowed.
  • No over-powering colognes or perfumes will be allowed.
  • Excessive jewelry or dangling earrings or necklaces will not be allowed.
  • Leggings, leotards, spandex, Capri Pants, or tights (in replacement of pants) are not allowed.
  • Bar towels will not be displayed hanging from employee’s pockets or aprons.
  • No sunglasses will be worn at anytime in any way.
  • No electronic devices of any kind will be allowed at anytime. This includes, but is not limited to the following: head phones, cell phones, pagers, mp3 players, disc mans, palm pilots


Upon completion of your shift, you are responsible for putting your dirty aprons, potholders, bar towels, or any linen you have used during your shift into the dirty laundry hampers.

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