Dining Services ~ A Guide To Student Employment

General Policies and Procedures


The pay period lasts one month, beginning on the 15th day of one month and ending on the 14th day of the next month. Your paycheck will be automatically deposited in your Wells Fargo account on the last working day of the month. If you haven’t done so, be sure to fill out a Direct Deposit Form at Wells Fargo. You need to sign your timecard before the pay period ends to ensure you get paid. Additionally, a Work Authorization must be filled out by all employees who are UNC students and turned must be in by the 9th of the month during the first pay period.

Building Entrance

If you are scheduled for an early morning shift, or if the University Center is locked for any reason, you can enter the building by going to the back dock door and ringing the doorbell. A cook or another caterer will let you in.

Building Security

Never let strangers into the building before or after regular building hours. If the building doors are locked and or the gates are down we are responsible to return things that way. If doors are locked during normal business hours, notify the building Student Assistant Manager at the Information Desk to unlock them.

Uniform and Personal Appearance

The uniform for events varies depending on the type of events. There are two uniforms we use, Formal and Casual. A description of each is listed below. For Prep. Cooks and Dishwashers, the uniform is always Casual. The Casual uniform may also be wore during the clean up for events in the kitchen or after the customer has left.

Formal Uniform

  • Pants: Black dress pants - polyester blend, wrinkle free. No jeans. Women may, and are encouraged to wear skirts. They must be black and between ankle and knee length.
  • Shirt: Long sleeve tuxedo shirt.
  • Shoes: Black dress shoes with closed heel and toe. No tennis shoes, high heeled shoes or hiking shoes at anytime. This includes tennis shoes before events.
  • Socks: Black socks with pants or hosiery with skirts
  • Vest / Bow Tie: Your vest will be issued at your first catering event, as well a bow tie if you don’t have one. You will be asked to sign a uniform agreement when your vest and bow tie are issued to you. This agreement states that you will return any issued uniform items at the end of your employment with University Catering, or the cost will be garnished from your final paycheck as a replacement fee. You are responsible for cleaning your uniform before returning it.
  • Hair: Pulled back if longer than shoulder length. No unusual colors or styles. Men, must be clean shaven. Hair nets must be worn when doing prep work.
  • Jewelry: Excessive jewelry (more than 3 finger rings or more than 4 earrings) facial piercing or visible tattoos are prohibited. Finger nail polish, if worn, is to be of a natural color.

Casual Uniform:

  • Pants: Either Khaki’s or black pants may be worn. They must be in good condition.
  • Shirt: The shirt to be worn is the UNC Dining Services polo that will be issued to you.
  • Shoes: Tennis shoes or other appropriate shoes that are closed heel and toe.
  • No sweat pants, shorts, abbreviated tops or tank tops are allowed at any time.
  • Gum chewing is not allowed at any time.

Time Clock

You need to clock in AFTER you are completely ready to start working. This includes being dressed in uniform and having all of your possessions stored away in a locker. If, for some reason, you forget to clock in or out, notify a supervisor or manager. Do NOT clock when you realize the mistake. Each employee receives a new time card at the beginning of the pay period. To clock in and out, simply drop the card into the time clock. If you have any questions about your time card please speak with a supervisor or manager.


The catering crew takes a half-hour break during most events. The Student Supervisor will notify the crew when this break occurs. Some things to remember regarding breaks:

  • Remember to always clock out before going on break and to clock in after your break is through.
  • During your break is the only time you can eat and drink at work, other than water.
  • If you choose to bring your own food it cannot be stored in the coolers. You may keep it in a locker.
  • Your friends may NOT eat catering meals.
  • If you need to leave the building for any reason during your break, you MUST notify a supervisor and promptly return when the 30 minute break is over.


Anytime you work a full shift, you are allowed to have a meal. Typically, you eat whatever was being served at the event you worked. Meals cost $2.65 and are automatically deducted out of your paycheck for each shift. Those of you who have University meal plans, it will not affect your paychecks but will be marked as a meal off of your meal plan. If you have any sort of meal plan, you need to notify a Catering manager. This is so that you will not be charged for the meals. If, for some reason, you do NOT eat catering food during a shift, notify a supervisor or manager as soon as possible so you will not be charged the $2.65 for that day (this means you didn't eat ANYTHING).


Each Friday, the following week’s schedule (Monday through Sunday) is posted on the bulletin board across from the time clock. Please make sure you check when you work as soon as possible so any conflicts can be resolved. When looking at the schedule, keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t forget to initial in the far left column next to EACH place where your name occurs on the schedule.
  • Do NOT make changes to the schedule without approval from a manager.
  • Be sure to know which uniform is to be worn, formal or casual. If it is not indicated than the formal uniform is to be worn.

Time Off

Requests for specific days/times off need to be written down and in the catering manager’s office by noon the Thursday before the week that the day/time you’re asking for off (i.e. before that week’s schedule is posted.) If there is a conflict, illness, or emergency that will prevent you from working a shift, it is your responsibility to notify a manager and get phone numbers of other caterers to try to find a replacement. However, your replacement must be approved by a manager. Notifications of such emergencies should be given at least five hours prior to the shift in question. The manager’s office phone numbers are 351-1304 or 351-1390.

Before a new semester starts, you are expected to bring in your available work schedule so you will not be scheduled during a class. Furthermore, when finals week arrives, the times of all your finals will need to be turned in too. All employees are expected to work during mid-terms and finals.

Attendance and Tardiness Procedures

Arriving for your shift on time, and in uniform, is extremely important in catering. If you are late or absent for a shift it will be documented on the Corrective Action Form. Two Tardies are equal to one No-Show and tow No-Shows is grounds for termination. If, due to circumstances beyond your control, you will be late or absent, call 351-1304 (manager) or 351-1302 (kitchen) to speak to a supervisor or manager.

Corrective Action

To document all infractions we use a Corrective Action Form. These include both Verbal and Written Warnings as well as Notice of Termination. Typically an employee will first receive Verbal Warnings followed by Written Warnings and than, if warranted, employment will be terminated. At most three warnings are permitted per semester before termination becomes an option. However, if the action warrants, a manager may determine it necessary to skip any or all steps leading to termination.

Emergency Procedures

If injured on the job, a manager must be notified immediately. The employee will then be informed which doctors and/or medical facilities to go to and steps to take in order to get workman’s compensation.

In the event of an emergency, a manager must be notified. If no manager is available, call UNC Police at 351-2245. If any security problems, including fighting, theft, or harassment, are known by an employee, he/she must report it to a supervisor immediately.

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