Goals and Mission

This Dietetic Internship program has been developed in accordance with the Accreditation Standards of the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics. The Standards are used to delineate experiences and assignments that will provide the necessary practice experience to meet required competencies for entry-level practitioners.


The Goals of the program are:

  • The program will prepare graduates to be competent entry-level dietitians
  • The program will offer flexibility to meet the needs of interns
  • Faculty and Preceptors will encourage professional leadership for graduates by participation in local, state, and national dietetics related professional organizations.

Graduate Outcomes, as a result of completing the program include:

  • Over a five-year period, 90% of full-time interns entering will complete the program within 12 months of beginning supervised practice
  • Over a five-year period, 90% of part-time interns entering will complete the program within 21 months of beginning supervised practice
  • Over a five-year period alumni achieve a first-time pass rate of at least 855 on the RD exam
  • Within 12 months of completing the program, at least 70% of graduates will have obtained employment related to dietetics
  • Over a 5-year period, the mean rating for “knowledge base” that employers will give graduates in their employ will meet or exceed the rating of 3.0 (adequately prepared)
  • Over a 5-year period, 95% of surveyed employed graduates will rate themselves as prepared (at least a rating of 3.0) for their first position
  • Twenty-five percent of students reside in geographic areas removed from access to site- based internships in a 5-year period
  • Twenty-five percent of students select the part-time program option
  • Over a 5-year period, at least 50% of employed graduates of the program will have obtained membership in at least one dietetics related professional organization on a local, state, or national level


The mission of the UNC Dietetic Internship is to provide a comprehensive program that enables graduates to be contributing members of a rapidly changing, technologically advanced, diverse society and allows them to compete successfully for career opportunities in dietetics.