General Information

UNC's Dietetic Internship is designed to accept up to 30 interns per year. Students will select the facilities where they will complete their practice experience and play a role in designing their program of study.

Guidance is available from the program director to support facility and preceptor applications so those students may stay in the community of their choice. A potential advantage of this educational model is to provide opportunities for new sites to be involved in dietetic education and for those sites to obtain the associated benefits. This dietetic internship program is designed to prepare interns as entry-level dietitians, with a choice from two concentration areas in management or nutrition education and counseling.

The program director at the University of Northern Colorado coordinates communication between preceptors, appropriate staff and interns at accepted facilities. The communication system uses many forms such as the internet, email, telephone, site visits and a series of standardized forms for evaluation of competencies as well as progress reports.

This internship program provides four academic graduate credits. These credits are required courses to be completed online during the first two weeks of the internship, followed by a three-day orientation in Greeley, CO. The courses are designed to orient interns to the program standards of practice and to ensure that each intern has the resources to attain competence in each area of study/practice.