UNC Students Make Healthy Choices

The majority of UNC students make healthy decisions regarding substance use

Contrary to the common belief that most college students drink excessively, which are greatly shaped by images portrayed by the media, either through exaggerated college student behaviors on television or in movies or highlighted by the irresponsible acts of a minority of students, UNC students use alcohol in a low-risk, responsible manner and use other substances very rarely. Through various surveys administered at UNC during the Spring semester of 2008, we have found that…

  1. 82% of UNC students drink once a week or less
  2. 15% choose not to drink at all
  3. 54% reported not having more than 4 drinks at one time in the past two weeks
  4. 95% reported not driving a vehicle after drinking in the past two weeks
  5. 71% have never used marijuana
  6. 15% have used marijuana six or fewer times in the past year
  7. 76% report not smoking cigarettes in the past 30 days
  8. 86% prefer to socialize in smoke-free environments
  9. 24% have quit smoking since coming to college