Party Safe

green shoes in grass

Smart hosting:

  • Have a theme other than "Let's get wasted"
  • Keep strangers from entering your party -- you are liable for their actions
  • Know your neighbors and inform them of your party plans
  • Designate someone to stay sober for the purpose of monitoring noise and dealing with complaints
  • Prevent people from leaving with alcohol -- you can be liable for their actions
  • Provide food and nonalcoholic drinks for under-age, sober and driving guests
  • Use paper or plastic dishes to avoid broken glass and to simplify clean-up
  • Encourage your guests to use the buddy system to prevent over-consumption and to ensure a safe trip home
  • Take the keys from anyone who shouldn't drive and help find them a safer way home
  • Cooperate with the police if they come to your party

Personal safety:

  • Failure to disperse when requested can result in a threat to your safety
  • Innocent crowds can become unruly and riotous quickly
  • Fires can be especially dangerous in Greeley because of the high winds and large number of trees
  • Use the buddy system so that you can assist someone -- or be assisted -- in the event of trouble