Welcome to the UNC Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Education (DATE)

Our Mission

The DATE program’s mission is to reduce the harmful use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco and the negative consequences that result from the misuse and abuse of these substances.

We accomplish this mission by reviewing and developing campus substance abuse policies, providing late night alcohol free events, challenging misperceptions and stereotypes related to college substance abuse, providing early intervention classes for disciplinary violations, and incorporating substance abuse education into the academic curriculum and student group training.

Center for Peer Education

Center for Peer Education

CPE is dedicated to promoting healthy college lifestyle and is a student-fee-funded service of the Student Representative Council.

Educational Programs: Unique programs created by CPE students are taken into the residence halls each semester.


Our office provides information and resources to anyone on the UNC campus about substance use and abuse.

Need more information? Call: 970-351-1136

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Cassidy Hall, 2nd Floor
1901 10th Ave
Corner of 19th Street and 10th Ave

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