Tobacco-Free UNC

Dear UNC students, staff and faculty,orange tobacco free graffitti sign

Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Each year over 400,000 people die from tobacco-related causes, including 50,000 people who have never used tobacco. Negative effects from tobacco use and secondhand smoke are major health issues that we can help change. The Center for Peer Education (CPE) office is responsible for prevention, education, and interventions specific to health-related issue on UNC's campus. The primary goals for the UNC tobacco initiative are to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke ( a known carcinogen) on campus and to aid tobacco users who want to quit with on-campus and off-campus resources.

By signing this endorsement form, you support a Tobacco-Free UNC, eliminating the use of tobacco products at the University of Northern Colorado.

Students, staff and faculty who wish to quit using tobacco can contact the Center for Peer Education at (970) 351-1136 or the UNC Counseling Center/Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at (970) 351-2496 to discuss cessation options. Please contact CPE with any questions or concerns.

Quit line: 1-800-QuitNow