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Welcome to the Office of Information Security

Our Mission:  

  • To facilitate the education of students in a secure manner. 
  • To enable the faculty to deliver quality education and conduct research in a secure manner. 
  • To ensure staff can serve the University mission and their department functions in a secure manner. 
  • To defend the institutions data, systems, and networks from misuse, damage and loss.
OIS News

Beware of Windows 10 upgrade scams.  If you receive an email regarding the update to Windows 10 please be aware that it is most likely a scam.  Scammers will often send phony emails during important software releases hoping that an email that looks like an official update will trick users into clicking on links or downloading software.  For more information on these types of scams please click the following link.  Phishing and Social Engineering.


Computer Screens to Lock after 15 Minutes of Inactivity


Beginning June 4, the screen-saver lockout of computers connected to UNC's network is being reset to 15 minutes of inactivity to comply with new data security standards. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the screen will go into power-save mode and require the user's password to unlock. The lockout will not impact any running processes or programs. Digital signs, auto log-on systems and systems that would impact UNC's education mission are eligible for an exception. Click here to request an exception form.