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Welcome to the Office of Information Security

Our Mission:  

  • To facilitate the education of students in a secure manner. 
  • To enable the faculty to deliver quality education and conduct research in a secure manner. 
  • To ensure staff can serve the University mission and their department functions in a secure manner. 
  • To defend the institutions data, systems, and networks from misuse, damage and loss.



Please use extra caution when following links in your email.  Social engineering attacks continue to be the most successful way for hackers steal your data.  You will never receive an email from IM&T requesting you to follow a link to reset your password.  If anything in an email is designed to put you on edge, such as an expiration notice, threat of access revocation, or any sort of emergency we ask that you be skeptical of the content.   Report all suspicious emails to the TSC by forwarding the email to help@unco.edu.

For more information on avoiding social engineering attacks please read the following: