Mentor Program

How it works :

The mentorship component assists the Cumbres program in providing support, guidance, and advising to students. First-year Cumbres students will be matched with a current teacher and expected to volunteer in his/her classroom throughout the academic year. Many of these teachers are former Cumbres students partners who have worked with us before, and are familiar with the program and our mission.

Cumbres Mentorship Component Mission

The mission of the Cumbres Mentorship component is to provide our underclassmen with support and counseling, making the transition to college easier and creat an opportunity to expose them to real-world classroom experience from their first semester on campus.  Our students will be encouraged to develop concrete relationships with mentors who can help with the various aspects of student life on campus as well as future professional opportunities.  The mentorship component is used as a valuable resource to provide students with answers to any questions and be a positive role model.

Cumbres Mentoring Program Goals

The goal of the Mentorship component is to connect first-year Cumbres students with local teachers, many of whom were Cumbres students themselves, and have them spend time in a classroom with English Language Learners. This will allow students to experience a real-world teaching environment, be exposed to the classroom, and provide them an opportunity to learn from experienced, effective teachers in the field. In addition, this will provide an avenue for our students to gain knowledgea nd skills that will prepare them for their practicum and student teaching, as well as learn about the expectations of them as teachers in public school systems.

Expectations of the Mentees (Cumbres Freshmen and Transfers)

  • They will form a working, professional, and personal relationship with their mentors.
  • The Mentee will initiate all meetings and keep track of his/her reflection papers and turn them in

Expectations of the Mentors

Meet with the students for the minimum requirements of twice per semester. More meetings are welcomed!

  • Keep open communication with the Cumbres Staff
  • Be a positive role model for the students.
  • Provide real-world advice and experience for Cumbres teacher candidates


Mentor Reflection Papers due: October 28, 2016 and December 2, 2016

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