Mentor Program

How it works :

The mentoring component assists the Cumbres program in providing support, guidance, and advising to students. Although the mentoring component is still being developed, the Cumbres program plans to train mentors and teach them more about project requirements so that they can become more involved in working with Cumbres students.

Cumbres Mentoring Program Mission

The mission of the Cumbres Mentoring program is to provide our underclassmen with university support and counseling, making the transition to college easier.  Our students will be encouraged to make concrete relationships with mentors who can help with the various aspects of student life on campus as well as future professional opportunities.  The mentor program is used as a valuable resource to provide students with answers to any questions and be a positive role model.

Cumbres Mentoring Program Goals

To increase retention of Cumbres Students, to encourage involvement on campus and to stay here on weekends, to promote academic excellence, to provide students with a positive role model, to give the students a safe person to turn to, to help students with ideas for their leadership projects, to have the freshmen learn from their mentors so they can pay it forward and be mentors when they are juniors and seniors, to have a connection between upperclassmen and underclassmen in the Cumbres program

Expectations of the Mentees (Cumbres Freshmen and Transfers)

  • They will form a working, professional, and personal relationship with their mentors.
  • The Mentee will initiate all meetings and keep track of their mentor logs and turn them in.

Expectations of the Mentors (Peer and University/Community)

Meet with the students for the minimum requirements of twice per semester. More meetings are welcomed!

  • Keep open communication with the Cumbres Staff
  • Be a positive role model for the students.
  • Remind students to turn in Mentor Logs and be sure they are signed by both of you.
  • Complete the Mentor Evaluation Form at the end of the school year.

Mentor Log Due Dates:


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