2016-2017 Classified Staff Council

2016-2017 Council Roster

Member Phone Department Location
Kristina Burton 351-1250 Accounts Receivable Carter Hall
Keyleigh Gurney 351-2807 Applied Statistics & Research McKee Hall
Maggie Kinney 351-4760 School of Nursing Gunter Hall
Sarah Milam 351-2921 School of Biological Sciences Ross Hall
Gerry Morris 351-2446 Facilities Management Parsons Hall
Shelly Munholland 351-2991 School of Theater and Dance Frasier Hall
Kristi Nelson 351-2446 Facilities Management Parsons Hall
Lee Nelson 351-1305 Dining Services Parsons Hall
Brooks Pardew 351-2715 Anthropology/Geography Candelaria Hall
Heidi Romero 351-2811 Hispanic Studies Candelaria
Roni Secord 351-4357 Information Management & Technology University Center
Lindsay Snyder 351-2668 Admissions Carter Hall
Scot Stockwell 351-2565 Accounts Payable Carter Hall