The Classified Staff Council does not receive any external funding from the University; all of our funds are self-generated through our fundraising efforts and donations. All of our funds are used to benefit the Classified Staff of the University of Northern Colorado.

There are many ways you may help to support your Classified Staff Council! Through service, you may serve as a Representative. We host a number of events throughout the year, and you may participate in any or all of them - serving on the Council is not necessary to participate in any of our events.

Thank you for your support! We cannot be "The United Voice of UNC's Classified Staff" without your help!


It is easy to make a financial gift to the Classified Staff Council. All monetary donations are received through the UNC Foundation. Gifts are tax-deductible, and those gifts made during any matching campaign will be matched according to the terms of the campaign. Gifts through the Foundation can be easily made:

As a one-time gift:

Or as a recurring gift:

  • UNC employees can give a recurring gift using payroll deduction — contact the UNC Foundation for more information.
Note: When making a gift, please reference "CSC General Activities Fund 9407".


Ink/Toner Cartridge & Mobile Phone Recycling:

DON'T USE THAT PREPAID LABEL! Many ink/toner cartridge manufacturers and mobile phone providers give a free label to send the used cartridge or phone back to them for "proper" recycling. If you use that label, you're certainly doing your part to recycle, but you could do even better if you send the oldie to the Classified Staff Council instead! Even if you put the label on and send the cartridge to the Warehouse, Federal regulations prohibit us from "intervening."

We sponsor an on-campus, easy fundraiser which requires virtually no effort on your part! We have partnered with a local business to facilitate the disposal of printer ink & toner cartridges and old mobile phones. To participate, all you need to do is use the campus mail service or make a phone call to the Warehouse at 970-351-2250.

For ink cartridges and old phones, these may be mailed or taken to any of our drop-off points (see below). Larger cartridges (toner, fuser kits, drum kits, etc.) from printers and copiers should be boxed up (using the box from the replacement cartridge will certainly work), and may be taken to any drop-off point or picked up by the Warehouse by calling 970-351-2250. Please note: if you call the Warehouse, the cartridges must be boxed up - they will not take them "loose."

You may drop-off spent cartridges and phone at any of the following locations, as well as most campus computer labs:

Central Campus

  • Carter Hall: Main lobby
  • Gray Hall: Parking Services office
  • Vistor's Center: Main office

West Campus

  • Michener Library: Circulation desk or room L06A (lower level)
  • Butler-Hancock: Athletics office
  • University Center: Bear Logic

East Campus

  • Parsons Hall: Warehouse

If you would like to volunteer your area to be a designated drop-off point, we would be thrilled by your support! Please contact any Council member for more information. All proceeds from this fundraiser support CSC activities.

Periodic Fundraisers

You may also give to the Council by participating in any of our fundraisers, which are held periodically throughout the year. While purchasing anything through a fundraiser is not tax-deductible, you'll still be helping the Council! Check this website, look for our newsletters, and watch the UNC Today for information about our periodic fundraisers. We'll also send a general announcement to all Classified employees as events unfold!


You may also give to the Council through your service. Whether you participate in our events, such as helping to decorate a homecoming parade float, wrapping Christmas presents with Santa Cops, setting up for the banquet, or manning a table at a publicity event, we need you! Look for opportunities in our newsletters and on this site. You can also take the next step in service by choosing to serve as a Council Representative. Contact any Council member for more information or take a look at our Councilor Nomination Form.