The Criminal Justice Listserv

The Criminal Justice Program would like you to subscribe to our program listserv. Useful information such as job and internship opportunities, course offerings, pre-registration procedures, Criminal Justice Society meetings, and general program news will be sent out via the listserv. As a subscriber you will receive communication instantly and stay well informed.

Here's how to subscribe:


FIRST: Force your e-mail system to use plain text (instead of styled text or HTML) when you send the email.

EQUALLY IMPORTANT: Make sure you remove your signature line, if you are using one, from the message.


  1. From the e-mail account that you wish to receive our messages,
  2. Send an e-mail to:
  3. Leave the subject line blank
  4. In the message box, type the following: subscribe criminal justice
  5. Be sure to remove any signature line if you are using one.
  6. Use plain text (instead of styled text or HTML) when you send the e-mail.

Once you have sent the e-mail, you will receive a “Welcome” message that confirms your subscription and explains how to remove yourself from the listserv if you wish to at some future date. Please print those instructions for future use. If you have trouble subscribing, please contact Theresa lane in the Criminal Justice office at 351-2186 or drop her an e-mail at

For additional information about the listserv, contact the department chair.