A criminal justice internship is not required for the Criminal Justice major, but it is strongly recommended. Interns locate their own internships using the Internship Catalog available below. Agencies not listed in the catalog may be approved by the internship coordinator.


The internship program requires that you submit an application to the Criminal Justice Program.

To be eligible for the internship you must be a Criminal Justice major or minor who has completed at least 60 hours of course work. Additionally, you should have completed the 100- and 200-level core criminal justice class requirements that are related to your internship.

You will not be permitted to register for the class until your application has been approved.

Why Be an Intern?

An internship provides an opportunity to gain valuable experience in a criminal justice area. The internship may help you decide if this area is really what you want as a career. If it is, the internship will familiarize you with one or several aspects (depending on your internship) of the criminal justice system. In fact, while doing your internship you may become aware of a career area you did not even know existed.

Getting a Job!

Students often undertake internships hoping to be employed by the agency. This does happen occasionally (maybe once every 20 times) but more importantly, the experience will open doors for you with other agencies. Always remember to list your internship when applying for jobs. Some agencies even give credit for volunteer (internship) work. Also, keep in mind that your internship field supervisor may serve as a reference when you apply for jobs.

Downloadable Materials

For More Information

For still more information, feel free to contact the department chair, Dr. Sarah Goodrum.