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ARE YOU AWARE? is a unique, interactive and creative opportunity to raise awareness about many topics related to mental health and wellness that affect college students?  Each year, colleges across the nation administer a National College Health Assessment that is used to gain a deeper understanding of health and wellness issues that affect students. Data from UNC’s assessment provides us with information about the stressors, issues and health concerns that college students on our campus are currently facing.  Many of these issues continue to interfere with students’ academic success and overall well being.

UNC students report that stress, anxiety, work and sleep are the top four factors affecting academic performance. These issues are mental health concerns that play an important role in our academic, personal and social success. Mental health and wellness is equally as important as physical health.  Why is it when we go to the gym to maintain our physical health, no one thinks twice? However when we are experiencing stress or anxiety, or other mental health issues, we hesitate to seek the support of a therapist because it is seen as not okay. This stigma associated with “mental health” continues to get in the way of success. The truth is that “mental health is something every one of us should have—something each of us is entitled to. We all have emotional difficulties in our lives, and “mental health” simply means finding a way to handle those difficulties.”

ARE YOU AWARE? Is an opportunity for you to get involved and educate your peers about important issues that affect students at UNC.


The Wellness Coalition of the University of Northern Colorado is a campus-wide collaboration, dedicated to assessing and responding to student health and wellness needs, through development and implementation of proactive programs and services that will foster a campus culture that supports optimal academic and personal growth.

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