Group Therapy

The UNC Counseling Center offers a variety of therapy groups for students. In a safe and supportive setting, students have the opportunity to meet with others who have similar concerns. Group therapy is proven to be clinically beneficial and is often the service of choice by many of our students. Below you will find many of the groups that are offered at the Counseling Center. If interested please click below or give us a call.

Learning Differences

This group will focus on creating a supportive environment in which members can explore their learning styles, as well as process present struggles with the college experience. This group will include skill building and support components.

Interpersonal Process

Do you have difficulty developing and maintaining close relationships with others? Do you desire the opportunity to gain a better understanding of yourself and how you relate to others? Do you feel alone in your struggles? If so, this group may be a great fit for you. This group will provide the opportunity to learn and practice new skills for interacting with others to develop more self-confidence and happier relationships.

Mindful Living

Mindfulness means having moment to moment, non judgmental awareness, which is an innate ability we all possess. Mindfulness has been shown to be a very effective tool for overcoming anxiety. Through the use of mindfulness exercises such as mediation, group members learn how to be more present, focused, calm and compassionate towards themselves, and in control of their anxious thoughts.

Grief and Loss

Too many students discover that they are wrestling with painful losses during their college years. Students dealing with trauma and loss often feel unsupported on campus. This group provides a safe place to express grief, anger and /or heartache while providing tools for healing.

Body Image

This group will examine and process attitudes, beliefs and thoughts that result in a negative body image. As a group we will look at ways to celebrate and appreciate our bodies while challenging the negative messages we receive from the media, support systems and ourselves. This group will include both educational components and process.


The purpose of this group is to provide an open and safe place where people who are (GLBTQIA) can connect and feel supported. Weekly sessions will focus on concerns related to issues such as, coming out, dating, sexual orientation, gender identity, relationships, family, spirituality, community and self-esteem, to mention a few. This group will include both support and process.


DBT integrates cognitive behavior therapy with teachings in mindfulness and acceptance. Skills training teaches specific lessons in mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness in order to help you learn to be fully in the moment, effectively manage emotions, cope with crises without making them worse, and meet your objectives in relationships.

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Groups Offered

  • Interpersonal Process


    Body Image

  • DBT


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