Other Fees

Health Insurance

Semester Rate Academic Year Rate
Student Only Rate $1,170 $2,340

(family rates also available)


Semester Rate Annual
Student $190 $285
Student K-Lot $200 $305

Lesson Fees

Private Music Fees $30.00 per credit hour

Non-Refundable New Student Success Fee
New and Transfer Students Only

(this fee is non-refundable even if the student withdraws from the University) One-Time Fee
New Student Success Fee $250.00

One-time non-refundable $250 “Student Success Fee” which is charged to all new students, whether first-time or transfer.  This covers programs and services that are critical to a student’s successful transition to an academic career at UNC.   

·One of the most obvious components to a successful transition is our orientation program. The program includes learning about UNC resources, hearing expectations as member of the institution, meeting with faculty and staff, selecting courses, and registering for classes. 

Other  components include:
·advising related to a student’s academic goals, aptitudes and career goals ( which is different than faculty advising about specific courses to take)
·on-going assessment and development of  programs  that are specifically designed to help students effectively navigate the  transition from the mode of learning at a high school or community college  and the mode of learning necessary to be successful at a University. 

Examples include the development of the University 101 first year seminar and appropriate placement in foundational courses like math and English