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Fall 2017/Spring 2018

Nonresident/International Graduate Rates
per semester Main Campus

Master's Program Per Credit Hour 9 Credit Hours
Most TCERT & GCERT Programs (all certs except Nursing, Math, Math Leadership, Music Performance) GIS Cert, Administrator License:DLL, K-12 Ed:TASL, Bilingual Bicult Ed K12 Endors, Child & Adolescent Certificate, Cult/Ling Diverse K12 Endors, Cultural Studies & Equity Cert, Chinese Second Lang, Geography Education Cert, Generalist Tch Spec Ed Endorse, Gerontology Certificate, Gifted and Talented Ed Cert, Geographic Info Science, Graduate - Teacher, Licensure, Literacy, Orientation/Mobility Endors, Principal's License, Reading Specialist End,  Reading Teacher End, School Librarian End, Special Ed:Administration End, Teacher Leadership Cert, Theatre Education, Teaching Online, Tchg Students with Autism Cert, TESOL Cert $1,057 $9,513
Most Master's programs in CEBS; Physical Education-MAT; assigned to Z-NONDEG-GR- Non-Degree Seeking,
Educational Leadership, Educational Media, Educational Psychology, Education, ElemEd:Early Childhood Ed
Elementary Education, Ed Leadership Special Ed Admin, Multilingual Education, Physical Education, Psychology, Reading, Special Education, Teaching American Sign Lang, Teaching Diverse Learners, Technology, Innovation and Pedagogy, Visual Arts
$1,077 $9,693
 Math Graduate Certificate, Math Teacher Leadership Cert, Music Performance Cert $1,090 $9,810
 Biomedical Science-MBS $860 $7,740
 EdS Progs: Ed Leadership-EdS, Ed Leadership & Special Ed-EdS, School Psych-EdS, Schl Psych:App Behav Anl-EdS, Applied Behavior Analysis-Cert, CommCouns-MA, Clinical Counseling MA's, Criminal Justice-MA, Nursing:Family Nurse Prac-MS $1,107 $9,963
Select MA/MS Progs from CEBS, HSS, NHS, PVA-Art & Design, Appld Statistics/Resrch Mthds, Comm Disorders:Audiology, Comm Disorders:Spch-Lang Path, Community Counseling, Clinical Mntl Hlth Counseling, Communication, Dance Education, Dietetics, English, Foreign Language, Gerontology, Grad Interdis Degree Program, Higher Ed/Student Affrs Ldrshp, History, Mathematics, Marriage/Couples/Family Couns, Rehabilitation Counseling, School Counseling, Sport and Exercise Science, School Library Education,Sociology, Speech-Language Pathology $1,112  $10,008
Earth Sciences-MA, Phys Ed Phys Actvty Leader-MAT $1,117 $10,053
 MBA, MM-MUS progs, BioSci, Chem, PSM $1,125 $10,125
 Accounting-MAcc $1,131  $10,179
 Nursing:AGACNP-MS, Nursing:Clin Nurse Leader-MS, Nursing Certs $1,170  $10,530
Doctoral Program Per Credit Hour 9 Credit Hours
 Audiology-AuD $1,167 $10,503
 Higher Ed & Std Aff Ldrshp-PhD $1,216 $10,944
 EdD progs; PhD's: ASRM, Couns Ed, Couns Psych, Ed Psych, Ed Tech, Rehab Sci, Schl Psych, SES, SPED, Technology, Innovation and Pedagogy $1,221 $10,989
 Music DA programs, Nursing Education-PhD $1,231 $11,079
 Graduate Interdisciplinary-DA, Educational Mathematics-PhD $1,233 $11,097
 Nursing:AGACNP-DNP, Nursing:Family Nurs Prac-DNP, Nursing-DNP $1,237 $11,133
 Biological Education-PhD, Chemical Education-PhD $1,243 $11,187

*additional credit hours over 9 are charged at the per credit hour rate


Credit Hours 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Student Services Fee (details) $44.40 $88.80 $133.20 $177.60 $222.00 $266.40 $310.80 $355.20 $399.60 $444.00
LEAF Fee (details) $1.00 $2.00 $3.00 $4.00 $5.00 $6.00 $7.00 $8.00 $9.00 $10.00
Technology Fee (details) $10.72 $21.44 $32.16 $42.88 $53.60 $64.32 $75.04 $85.76 $96.48 $107.20
Library Fee (details) $5.90 $11.80 $17.70 $23.60 $29.50 $35.40 $41.30 $47.20 $53.10 $59.00
Capital Fee (details) $40.00 $80.00 $120.00 $160.00 $200.00 $240.00 $280.00 $320.00 $360.00 $400.00

  The Graduate School Tuition Estimator provides an approximation of a student's billing calculation.

Online courses will be charged a $15.00 per credit hour fee.

Graduate Assistantships and Student Fees

For students who are awarded a full-time graduate assistantship, a portion of the Student Activity and LEAF Fees are paid depending on the number of hours enrolled, up to 10 credits. For students who are awarded a part-time graduate assistantship, a portion of the Student Activity and LEAF Fees are paid depending on the number of hours enrolled, up to 5 credits. The Student Capital, Technology, Library and other academic fees are not part of the graduate assistantship and are the responsibility of the student.

Tuition and fee rates are effective Fall Semester, 2017. These rates are subject to approval by the UNC Board of Trustees and are subject to change.