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Bear ID: 1234567 Amount Due: $X.XX Billing Date: January 04, 2015
Student Name: Joe Student   Due Date: January 25, 2015
Term Date Description Charges Credits


A/R Refund to Student $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 New Enrollment Student Success Fee $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 Student Services Fee $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 LEAF Fee $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 Capital Fee $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 Library Fee UG $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 Technology Fee $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 Health Insurance $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 Tuition Resident Undergraduate $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 Differential Tuition Business $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 Program Fee $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 BIO 110 Course Fee $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 ESCI 265 Participation Fee $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 APCE 616 Assessment Fee $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 Online Course Fee $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 EDSE 329 Supervision Fee $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 Parking Permit $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 Library Fine $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 Graduation Fee Undergrad $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 Health Insurance Waiver $XX.XX
  2015-01-03 Turner Room Contract $XX.XX
  2015-01-03 Dining Contract Charge $XX.XX
  2015-01-02 College Opportunity Fnd Stipnd $XX.XX
  2015-01-05 Need Based Grant $XX.XX
  2015-01-05 Plus Loan $XX.XX
  2015-01-05 Pell Grant $XX.XX
  2015-01-05 Stafford Subsidized $XX.XX
  2015-01-06 Provost Freshman $XX.XX
Future Balance: $XX.XX Total Due: $XX.XX


By registering for courses I understand that I am responsible for tuition and other fees associated with these courses. I must follow formal add/drop and withdrawal procedures of the University and non-attendance does not relieve me of my charges. I understand that if my account becomes delinquent, I will be liable for service charges, collections costs and legal fees. Please review the Student Account Agreement for additional information at

Your payment is due in full. If full amount is not paid, a 1.5% service charge will be assessed on unpaid billing charges.

UNC has a new monthly pay plan which allows you to pay your bill in easy monthly installments rather than in one lump sum. This plan includes your tuition, room and board, and all university fees. More information on this plan can be found at the following website

Additional billing information, including information on student health insurance, financial aid, university apartment rent, billing rights, and various university department phone numbers can be found at docx.pdf

Mail in remittance slips can be found at docx.pdf