Start brainstorming the possibilities with your team. A hands-on, informational and family friendly learning activity is only limited by your creativity and imagination!


Promote Reading make a bookmark, tell stories

Learn to write your name in a new language

Earthquake, tornado & lightning safety

Ideas for healthy lifestyles

Jeopardy, trivia, spin the wheel, ring or bean bag toss type games

Going green, recycling

Make a clay sculpture

Can you name the artist

Logo challenge

Bike repair basics

Planting demonstrations

Instrument petting zoo

All the world's a stage, explore the world of costumes, props, makeup

Experiments or learn to make silly putty, how are bubbles formed, optical illusions

Computer safety

Team sport autographs

How "something" works

Cultural art or dance demos

Be a news anchor or radio host

Have your caricature done

Make a puppet

Face painting

Sand art

Personal devices, how loud is too loud

Skeletons or forensics

Make jewelry or hair braiding ideas

Make a mask or head dress

Learn to play chess, backgammon