The Facing Project at UNC 2017-2018

The Office of Engagement is now accepting applications to UNC's second iteration of the Facing Project. After the success of the Facing: CHANGE project, the Office of Engagement is seeking to connect with a faculty member who wishes to use this project for a course to create a community engaged learning project. Please see poster below for details.

facing project call for proposals

Community and Civic Engagement 2020 Plan

the cover of the office of engagement 2020 plan, which features an aerial photo of the UNC campus

Sustaining and Advancing Engagement 2017-2020

Community and Civic Engagement (CCE) at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) builds upon foundational work and accomplishments derived from the initial plan to Institutionalize Engagement at UNC, 2013-2016 and the final report of activities and outcomes (please see below). This next plan is designed to sustain and advance our continued commitment to academic engagement through 2020. We recognize that this work is ongoing and therefore, the plan represents a living document subject to modification and adaptation, and welcomes new ideas and directions that support the goals of community engaged learning.



the cover of the CCE 3 year report 

Three Year Report

This report informs Provost Robbyn Wacker and faculty, student affairs professionals and staff at the University of Northern Colorado and our community partners on progress and accomplishments from the 3-year plan to Institutionalize Community and Civic Engagement.