Mission Statement

Human communication is the dynamic process by which people create, exchange, and interpret verbal and nonverbal symbolic messages within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. The goal of Communication Studies at the University of Northern Colorado is to offer intensive study into that communication process, and to the theoretic, analytic, and practical aspects of interaction which make human communication rich, diverse, and complex. Students and scholars in communication studies recognize the breadth and depth of the discipline; from our roots in classical antiquity to the influence of human and technological evolution in past, present, and future communication contexts. Exploring effective practices and ethical dimensions of human interaction, we educate students to become critical observers of social problems, advocates in public life for the promotion of civil society, and culturally-aware members of the global community. The study of communication is at the forefront of a liberal arts education, empowering students to be reflective practitioners in both their personal relationships and their professional endeavors.

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