Directions for Undergraduate Processional

Lining Up and Proceeding into Butler Hancock

  • All candidates will assemble 1 hour prior to the ceremony at the in the Bank of Colorado Arena at Butler Hancock Athletic Center (spring) or in the Recreation Center large gym (fall).
  • You should then proceed to the college check-in table and pick up your name card. The card will be given to the reader on the ceremony stage to announce your name as you go across the stage. The number on the bottom, left-hand corner of the card will be used for lining up graduates for the procession.
  • Do not write on the front of your name card.
  • Please fill out the back side of the name card for the photographer.
  • As you hand the reader your card, he/she will ask you how to pronounce your name if there is a question.
  • Caps are worn with tassels to the right side until the end of the ceremony at which time the President will direct graduates to move the tassel to the left.
  • The ceremony length will be approximately two hours.
  • You will process with your colleges and will be led by the Marshals or Deputy Marshals into the gym and be seated.
  • If you are double degree or double major, you can pick which college you'd like to line up with. You will only walk across the stage one time.
  • View map of in the Bank of Colorado Arena at Butler Hancock Athletic Center seating.
  • When your college is announced you will line up and approach the stage, each student’s card will be read. Then approach the President or Provost to receive your diploma cover and shake hands as your picture is taken.
  • Exit from the front of the stage and return to your seat until the President declares the ceremony over. The stage party will leave first, followed by faculty and then the marshals will dismiss the audience.

Ceremony Etiquette

  • Please silence your phone during the ceremony.
  • We ask that you remain seated until the end of the ceremony out of respect for the other students that are waiting to receive their degrees.
  • Commencement is a special celebration; please refrain from activity that takes away from the experience of the other students and audience.
  • We ask that you do not affix large messages to your caps or gowns.

Helpful Reminders

  • Graduates should make arrangements to leave personal items (purses, phones, cameras, etc.) with family or friends. There is no secure area to store your belongings.
  • UNC will provide a coat check for students only in the Recreation Center
  • Candidates must appear in an appropriate academic regalia to participate in the commencement ceremony.
  • Cap should be worn so that the Mortarboard is level.
  • Tassels are worn to the right.

Order of Activity at Ceremony

  • Processional
  • Student farewell address
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Charge to the graduates
  • Presentation of graduate dean's citations (graduate ceremony only)
  • Presentation of the graduates
  • Conferring of degrees
  • Welcome from the Alumni Association
  • Recessional

For questions regarding undergraduate commencement:
Contact the Registrar’s Office at (970) 351-2231, option 3 or email

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