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College, High School Musical-style

Here's to breaking free from the status quo. As you look toward college, start thinking about who — and how — you want to be. [READ FULL POST]

If you're feeling super stressed about grades — either as a high schooler worrying about getting into college or a college student worrying about life after college — this article is for you. [READ FULL POST]

Unless you're a writing aficionado, the writing portion of scholarship (and even some college) applications can be a drag. Check out these tips for writing a killer essay. [READ FULL POST]

Think you might get homesick at college? Have you already been away from home and need some tips for fighting homesickness? This college junior shares some tried-and-true methods. [READ FULL POST]

Getting a job in college

If you're planning to get a job at your school, start thinking now about what kind of job you want — and how to land it. [READ FULL POST]

Tough decisions

Making the decision to transfer schools is hard enough. Answering why you are doing it is even harder. [READ FULL POST]

Gap Year

There are arguments for taking a year off after high school, just as there are arguments for going straight to a university or college. We break down some of the benefits and considerations of each path. [READ FULL POST]