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To be a recognized student organization at UNC, groups must submit new chartering information, complete with signatures, every year.
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Disclaimer: These regulations may be reviewed by the Student Senate and changes may be enacted at any time it is considered necessary.

All changes will be reviewed and approved by a two-thirds vote of the Student Senate. Changes will become effective at the discretion of the Student Senate.




A. Student Interest Qualifications

  1. The prospective student groups must show that there exists a definite interest for the proposed organization in the University community and should not repeat the mission of an existing student organization.

B. Club Membership Qualifications:

  1. Membership must consist of a majority of University of Northern Colorado (UNC) students.
  2. Only student members should be eligible for voting rights and authorizing financial matters.
  3. The organization must maintain a minimum of three (3) members for the first two (2) semesters of club activity. 
  4. After two (2) semesters, the club must be able to maintain 10 members or appeal to Student Senate.
  5. Membership requirements must not conflict with the Student Senate Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity policies.

C. Club Leadership Qualifications:

  1. Student Executive Officers must selected or elected by the membership of their organization, as per the club's Constitution.
  2. Student Executive Officers must members of the Student Body of UNC for the term of office.
  3. Officers of the organization may carry any title designated by the group's Constitution so long as there are at least three (3) student officers at all times.
  4. The majority of the officers must be students. Non-students may hold advisory position.
  5. If the leadership wishes to request funding, three (3) Student Executive Officers will be responsible for signing work copies, one of whom will maintain financial records.

D. Advisor Qualifications:

  1. All student clubs and organizations must function with counsel and guidance from a UNC administrative, faculty, or staff advisor.
  2. The Advisor shall be selected by the student membership as outlined in the organization's Constitution.

E. Advisor Tips & Suggestions:

  1. Provide guidance in program and financial matters.
  2. Assist the student officers in attaining organizational goals.
  3. Encourage open lines of communication between students, faculty, and staff.
  4. Maintain the inventory of permanent items that are the property of the organization.
  5. Provide an element of continuity for student organizations from year to year due to the factor of student turnover.
  6. Advisors may not authorize any of the group’s expenditures.
  7. For more information, please see the Advisor's Manuel (pdf)



A. If prospective student groups have met all Student Senate qualifications, as stated above, the following items must be completed in accordance with the instructions provided on the Student Organization Chartering Packet:

  1. Student Organization Constitution (sample constitution Word Doc)
  2. Student Organization Chartering Packet (chartering packet Word Doc)

B. Submit these items to the Student Senate Director of Student Organizations

  1. The Student Organization Chartering Packet should be submitted in printed, hard copy due to the requirement of signatures.
  2. The Student Organization Constitution should be submitted electronically via email to the Director of Student Organizations.
  3. Director of Student Organizations will review the documents for approval.
  4. A Student Organization chartering packet must submitted and approved prior to applying for funding by OFB.
  5. A Student Organization chartering packet must submitted and approved before Event Planning can wave room reservation fees.

C. Student Organization Constitution: Student Senate and UNC do not allow University institutions for clandestine purposes; therefore, each organization must include information in the Constitution concerning the following:

  1. A clear mission statement outlining the organization's goals and objectives.
  2. Parameters of membership requirements (if any).
  3. A list of offices and the duties of those offices. Terms of selection and removal must be included.
  4. An Equal Opportunity statement.
  5. Advisor selection process, duties, and responsibilities.
  6. Amendments procedure.
  7. Contents of the Constitution may not violate any article of the Student Body Constitution or any Student Senate bylaw.

D. Club Roster:

  1. The University tracks student participation through a Co-Curricular Transcript, therefore a complete and accurate roster is needed.
  2. Rosters will be due on the withdrawal deadline for individual fifteen (15) week courses set by the Registrar's office.
  3. Please use the Club Roster form and submit electronically, via email.



A. If the student organization is still in compliance with the Student Senate Qualifications and wishes to continue their charter recognition for the new academic year, the group must:

  1. At least one (1) member of the student organization should represent the club at the Chartering and Funding Informational Meeting presented by the Director of Student Organizations at the beginning of every semester.
  2. Update the information on file with Student Senate by the third Friday of the semester. Organizations must resubmit the following once per year to maintain their recognition:
  3. Although a current Student Organization Constitution must be on file with Student Senate, if no changes have been made to the document within the last year, the current Student Executive Officers should review the Constitution and resubmit it with the appropriate dating and signatures to indicate approval of the document.



In the event that a student organization submits its chartering materials to the Director of Student Organizations by the due date but the materials lack some of the requirements (such as an advisor, at least three officers, a Constitution, etc.), the Director of Student Organizations may grant that group a provisional charter. The group will be given a due date as to when the missing required information must be submitted. During this interim period, the group may seek funding. In the event that the required information is not submitted, the group may continue to seek a charter but may not seek funding during the current cycle.



Student organizations failing to update or complete their information by the specified datelines will be declared inactive. Student organizations that are inactive for one calendar year will have their charter rescinded and funding secedes. (See Section 9 for more information.)



Student organizations must have charter recognition from Student Senate in order to receive special services, resources, funding, and facilities from Student Senate and UNC. Charter recognition ensures the effective and equitable allocation of these resources, when possible, and provides Student Senate with the ability to enhance and coordinate activities of chartered organizations.


A. Student Senate charter recognition benefits and privileges include:

  1. Eligible student organizations may request financial assistance from Student Senate according to the Student Senate Guidelines for funding student organizations. See Chapter X Part 2.
  2. Chartered student organizations may request a mailbox in the Student Activities area. The allocation of mailboxes will be based upon need, availability, and past use.
  3. Ability to access Student Organization Resource Room.
  4. Ability to have a representative participate in the deliberations of Student Senate. (See Section 10)


B. UNC benefits and privileges include:

  1. Use of most University buildings, facilities, and services at special chartered student organization's rate or free of charge according to prescribed University area policies.
  2. Use of the University's name in conjunction with the group's name for official group functions.



All student organizations that are chartered may select a member to serve as representative to the Student Senate.

  1. In order for the Empowered representative to be recognized, the organization must submit the name, address, and phone number of the representative to the Student Senate Director of Student Organizations.
  2. The representative must be a voting member of the student organization. This may be done at any time during the year. S/he is to represent the interests of that group to the Student Senate and have been selected by that organization through whatever means specified in its' Constitution or/and Bylaws.
  3. The Student Senate need not to approve the organization's request for empowered representative status to be valid.
  4. No organization may have more than one representative to Student Senate.


D. Upon charter recognition, the Director of Student Organizations will inform the appropriate University offices and the student body as to which student organizations have been chartered through Student Senate.

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