News and Events

October 27th Career Services Ross 1010 @ 6pm

November 10th Guest Speaker: Shane Carmmer-Physician Assistant Student ROSS 1010 @ 6pm
November 17th Food Bank Service Opportunity @ WCFB 5-7 pm
November 22nd Guest Speaker: Mike Bradshaw-Neurologist ROSS 1010 6-7pm

The UNC Pre-Health Professionals Club (PHPC) was founded in 2001 in an effort to unify students seeking degrees in health. To date, the PHPC maintains a roster of over 250 current students, faculty and former members. Our Purpose and Mission Statements guide us in all our endeavors…

The PURPOSE of the PHPC is to promote the pursuit of professions in the field of Health by educating our peers about the processes involved in gaining entrance to Professional Schools offering these degrees while providing members with opportunities to be exposed to these professions in a way which allow them to make well-informed, sound decisions.

The MISSION of the PHPC is to provide its members with the information and materials necessary to be successful in their attempts to gain entrance to any accredited Professional Institution/ University offering Health-related, post-baccalaureate degrees .