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Study Abroad this Summer in Thailand!

Students will earn 5 education credits while studying in Bangkok, Thailand. The program will be hosted by the Satit Kaset International School. Satit Kaset is a laboratory school for Kasetsart University. The school teaches all courses in English from grades K-12. UNC student participants will observe and interact in classrooms relevant to their educational interests. They will participate in seminars to reflect upon their experiences in the classroom and attend and participate in lectures and activities surrounding the Thai Education System, Thai Language, Thai Culture, Thai Dance, Thai Cooking, and more. The program will also include field trips and excursions to temples, palaces, markets, river villages, beaches, and elephant riding.
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Program fee: $2,150-$2,450 (includes 5 credit tuition, accommodation, all activities and excursions, and several meals)
Estimated Additional Costs:  $1,800 (includes airfare, visa, health insurance, and additional meals)


Application Deadline: March 1
Program Dates: May 28 – June 20 (approx.)


Students need to complete the registration form and turn in the $400 deposit. Click here for registration form


Students will gain five credit hours. Dependent on the student’s level, they will complete 2 credits in STEP 161, STEP 262, or STEP 363. All students will earn 3 credits toward EDFE 370. Course substitution may be available for students studying to be elementary teachers.
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Eligibility and Availability

The program is open to all teacher candidates. 15-20 spaces are available. Acceptance will be made on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Housing and Meals

Students will stay at the KU Guest House. This provides hotel style living in close proximity to Kasetsart University. Breakfast will be provided each day. Lunch will be provided by Satit Kaset. The program will include some group dinners, but students will be responsible for the majority of their dinners. The price for meals in Thailand is very cheap. Students should be able to get by on $5 per day.
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    Applications are now being accepted for Summer 2012 and Fall 2012!

Fall Applications are due March 11th

For Summer Applications Please check program page for due date.