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Study Abroad in Tours, France

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The University of Francois-Rabelais of Tours is a multidisciplinary university with a population of nearly 25,000. Nearly 12% of the student body is international. The University was founded in 1970 and named after famous French writer Francois-Rabelais. The University is comprised of 7 teaching and research units and a Center for French Studies, which caters to foreign students studying French language.

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Application Deadline for Fall: March 12
Fall Semester: Mid-September - Late December

Application Deadline for Spring: October 1
Spring Semester: Mid-January - Late May


Students will pay tuition and fees to UNC. They will pay all other expenses in France. The budget given in US dollars is an estimate and is subject to change dependent on exchange rates. 

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All costs are estimated based on a five-month semester.
**Students need to show up in person at the French Consulate in Los Angeles for their visa. 

Program Fees (billed through UNC account)

Tuition and Fees


International Health Insurance


Study Abroad/Exchange Admin Fee





Estimated Additional Expenses (not billed to student account)

Housing and/or Meals


Travel to Los Angeles for Visa




Passport/Visa/Required Documents/Photos/Immunizations


In-country Health Insurance


Texts/Course Materials


Essential Daily Living Expenses


TOTAL Estimated Additional Expenses (without spending money)


Additional Spending Money & Personal Travel
 (not included in financial aid calculation)


The above estimated total expenses are used to help plan and prepare for the program, as well as calculate eligibility for financial aid.  Not all students will incur all the expenses above.  Not that the last line is not considered a necessary expense and is not included in the total for financial aid purposes.  All amounts listed are estimates and are subject to change depending on international economic factors, past participant reports, and on-site staff reports.  Student expenditures in-country depends greatly on personal spending habits, post- or during-program travel, and available funds.



The University of Francois-Rabelais of Tours is located in the picturesque Loire Valley less than one hour from Paris by fast train. It is capital of the Touraine region and has population of about 142,000. It was once home to several famous historical people including Leonardo da Vinci and Descartes. With more than 150 historical sites and landmarks it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. There is no shortage of things to do as the city of Tours offers an intense cultural life with world renowned cuisine and wine.

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The city of Tours is home to several museums and theaters including the Museum of fine arts, Contemporary Creation Center, Regional Theater, Choreographic Center, and the Opera and Concert Hall. The university offers more than 100 student associations, which will help students get involved with campus life. Additionally, those interested in Sports have the opportunity to join 160 clubs participating in 120 different sports. Exchange students may also request a student mentor from Tours who will help show them around the city and the university.

For current list of events, visit here.


Students may take courses in intensive French language and civilization at the University Center of French Studies for Foreign Students (CUEFEE). Those with proficient skills in French may take regular university courses. The University of Francois Rabelais of Tours offers courses in Earth Science, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Computer Science, Performing Arts, Classics, French Literature, Linguistics, Applied Foreign Languages, Law, Public Administrations, Economics, History, Archaeology, Sociology, Psychology, Geography, Art History, Philosophy, and Music.

Most popular courses (with credits listed) taken by exchange students can be accessed here.

The University of Francois-Rabelais uses the ECTS credit system. You will enroll in a minimum of 24 ECTS credits a semester while abroad, which is equivalent to 12 UNC transfer credits.

Language of Instruction


Eligibility and Availability

To be eligible to apply students must have at least a 2.5 gpa and must have completed at least one semester of courses at UNC, Since all instruction is in French, it is recommended students have the equivalent of 4 semesters of College French before participating in this program. This program is open to all majors with no limit on the number of UNC students who can participate each semester. Students may apply for one semester or one academic year.

Housing and Meals

The student service agency in Tours will help students find accommodations. The University of Francois Rabelais of Tours offers 10 residence halls or accommodations in studio apartments at a reduced rate. Students may also find their own accommodations in the city or with host families.

Students will purchase groceries and cook for themselves. They may also purchase meals at one of the 15 restaurants located on campus. A complete meal can be purchased for about 3 Euro.


Students must first complete the UNC study abroad application and an additional application for the University of Francois Rabelais, which they should obtain from their Study Abroad Advisor.


Students will need to apply for a Long Stay Student Visa if staying for longer than 90 days. Before applying for a visa students must complete an application with Campus France. Prior to completing the Campus France application, please be sure to read the application guidelines. Once the Campus France application is complete students will be given a validation number and may proceed with their visa application. The validation number will be used to make an appointment with the French embassy in Los Angeles. Students are required to apply for their visa in person at the consulate in Los Angeles. 

French visas take a minimum to two weeks to process after the appointment in LA. No expediting is possible.

Click here for consulate information about visas. 

Once in country, students must register with their local OFII office. A French student visa permits travel around the Schengen area.. Students may leave and re-enter France (from outside the Schengen area) for 90 days from the date they first arrive in France. After this point, students must have the OFII vignette (sticker) in their passport or an "Attestation de dépôt de dossier OFII" (receipt of submission). Students who do not have one of these will need to apply for another visa to re-enter France.

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