UNC Exchange Programs

Click Here for a searchable list of study abroad program options by major. This is not a comprehensive list of all programs available, rather a suggested list of programs by major that have worked well for past study abroad students.

Canberra, Australia
most majors

Furtwangen, Germany
• German language and/or Business and Economics

Siauliai, Lithuania
• Special Education, LAC, many majors

Perth, Australia
most majors

Karlsruhe, Germany
• Education, TESOL, and German language

Vilnius, Lithuania
• Business, Economics, Political Science

Quebec, Canada
Business and/or French language

Oldenburg, Germany
• German language (many majors if German proficiency), Economics (English)

Vestfold County, Norway
• LAC, Business, Nursing, Health Science, SES

Xi'an, China
Chinese language

Dublin, Ireland
• Education

Jochiwon, South Korea
• Asian Studies, LAC, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, SES, Business, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, English

Prague, Czech Republic
• Business and Economics

Trieste, Italy
• Business, Economics, Political Science

Madrid, Spain
• Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, Film, Journalism, Sociology, Spanish language, LAC

Mulhouse, France
• French language
(many majors if French proficiency)

Tokyo, Japan
• Japanese language, Economics, Political Science, Communication, Literature

Pamplona, Spain
• Spanish language, Finance, Economics, Management, Marketing

Cologne, Germany
• Business, Economics, German language (many majors if German proficiency)

Almaty, Kazakhstan
• Business, Economics, Journalism, Communications, Political Science, International Studies, Russian language

Taipei, Taiwan
• Chinese language



Bangkok, Thailand
• Asian Studies, Business and Economics



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