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Study Abroad & Exchange Program Staff


Grace Franklin, Graduate Assistant

Advisor for: The Americas, the Caribbean, Europe (Excluding Eastern Europe/UK), Oceania

  • Pursuing an MPH with an emphasis in Community Health Education
  • B.A. International Security and Conflict Resolution with an emphasis in Environment Security
  • Study Abroad: Managua, Nicaragua
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Traveled to: Australia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, England, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Scotland


Kelly Hathaway, Graduate Assistant

Advisor for: Africa, Asia, National Student Exchange (NSE), United Kingdom

  • Pursuing an M.A. in Counseling
  • B.S. Psychology and Writing
  • Study Abroad: Viterbo, Italy
  • Languages: English and Italian
  • Traveled to: Austria, Canada, England, France, Germany, Haiti, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherlands, and Spain


Zachary Herzog, Peer Advisor

  • Pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Management
  • Study Abroad: Prague, Czech Republic, Internship: Shanghai, China
  • Languages: English
  • Traveled to: Austria, Bahamas, China, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland


Alexandra Pepin, Peer Advisor

  • Pursuing a degree in Business Management with a Minor in Global Business
  • Study Abroad: Rennes, France
  • Languages: French
  • Traveled to: Belgium, Czech Republic, England, France, Hungary, Netherlands


Kate Levin, Peer Advisor

  • Pursuing a degree in English
  • Study Abroad: Wroclaw, Poland
  • Languages: English and Russian
  • Traveled to: Russia, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Costa Rica, France, and England


Lisette Galindo, Peer Advisor

  • Pursuing a degree in English Liberal Arts with Minors in Multicultural Anthropology and Spanish
  • Study Abroad: Granada, Spain
  • Languages: English, Spanish and very minimal Portuguese and French
  • Traveled to: Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and England